Gerald’s June Musings

I must first apologise to David Airey of West Hall farm, for it was David who turned out after the last heavy snow fall in March, and gritted the whole length of Church Street, making travelling so much easier for us all. Thank you David, it was much appreciated.

The swallows did finally return on May 18th. Stuart Close saw them at Docker Hall on the 20th, and the house martins on May 1st. There are far fewer than in previous years, and it was only today May 17th that I saw the first one flying around the Church Tower.

It seems that the flying insects they feed on are getting fewer. Our modern lifestyles must be responsible in some way. It is such a shame how many varieties of birds have disappeared locally in my life time.

The next dance in the Village Hall is on Saturday 2 June when the music for dancing will be played by the Scottish band Tartan Sound. Another good night guaranteed.

Part of my Whittington Archive will be on display in the Church on Sunday 10 June. Come along and see what the village was like in days gone by.

Gerald Hodgson

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