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What a happy night we had at the Harvest Supper, good company, good food, and surrounded by fellow villagers – far more enjoyable than sitting at home watching TV.

Congratulations to Malcolm Fell for winning the prize for the Best Managed Farm at the Westmorland County Show. Well done for all the hard work it must have required to reach such a high standard.
Once again the Church was beautifully decorated for the Harvest Festival, each individual window was so nicely decorated and the screen and altar flowers were once again superbly crafted – it really is a pleasure to view these colourful displays.

This month we will be commemorating Remembrance Sunday when we recall the lives of the young men who left our village to fight for their country and never returned. They never got to enjoy the world as we know it today. But for their sacrifices we may never have enjoyed the freedom we take for granted. [Services start in each church at 10.30am – Ed.]

A word of advice to the young man we passed one dark night riding his bike dressed in dark clothing and with no lights to warn other road users – he is an accident statistic waiting to happen. Your parents should have more sense than allow you out on a bike so poorly prepared for the conditions, what a pity we no longer have a local policeman, he would certainly have given you a dressing down and made you walk home!

The next dance at the Village Hall is on Saturday 18 November when Dennis Westmorland will be providing the music.

Gerald Hodgson

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