Gerald’s October Musings

Anne and Rob Pettifor and their daughter Sarah have recently moved to Kirkby Lonsdale. They will be sadly missed as they have contributed so much to village life during their time at Cross House. Anne served as treasurer of the Heritage Society and helped raise the money needed to clean and restore the Royal Coat of Arms now displayed in the Church, and both Rob and Anne were part of the bell ringing team that organised the removal and overhaul and re-hanging of the Church Bells. They have left the village a better place and we hope they enjoy their new home and are as happy there as they were at Whittington.

We knew Vera Hoggarth as a quiet family loving mum and grandmother, but few of us knew that during the war she was a member of the WAAFs, serving most of the war on an airbase in Northern Ireland, from which aircraft constantly patrolled the North Atlantic searching for enemy U boats and shipwrecked sailors. After the war she met and married her husband Gerry, and lived at Brookhouse for a time. In 1958 they moved to Providence House at Arkholme and farmed there until their retirement. Sadly she started suffering from dementia and has spent the last few years in a care home regularly visited by her ever loving family.

If you have a few minutes to spare and enjoy nice scenery take a look at the short video on the Whittington Village Blog called The Bus Trip To Mallham. It highlights all the spectacular views from Morecambe to Mallham. It was made by one of the bus drivers and is very well done, well worth a look  at THIS Link. .

The next dance at Whittington is on 6 October when Denis Westmorland is back providing the music for dancing, it will be another enjoyable night

Gerald Hodgson.

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