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It is amazing what some families will do to defend their privacy. When Thomas Greene built Whittington Hall, he had a bill go through Parliament that allowed him to build a new road from the Church to the top of Moor brow, with bridges over Pearson Ghyll and Moor Ghyll, with a spur off to West Hall. The drive had previously been a
public road ever since the Romans built it as part of the Keighley to Kendal highway.

The North family built a short by-pass from Docker Lane to Laundry Cottage, to divert the road away from Newton Hall, and Francis Pearson allowed two cottages in the field in front of Storrs Hall to become derelict, so that he could close the old green lane that served them, and is now Storrs Hall back drive. This road then carried on down the fields until it reached the river where it turned left up the river side and joined the road at Ferry Cottage. The two cottages in front of Storrs Hall were eventually demolished, and the stone was used to build the barn and shippon at Storrs Gate farm.

I hear that some young drivers see the speed device at the School corner as a challenge to see who can record the fastest speed as they approach it. They should have more sense.

If you want a good night out and value for money come to the Village Hall on Saturday 9 September when Dennis Westmorland is playing his own brand of Lakeland music. You will be well-entertained for four hours, get a good wholesome supper and two drinks at the bar, and come away with change out of a twenty pound note. Not much dearer than a lonely night at home with a bottle of wine. I know which I prefer.

Gerald Hodgson

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