Gerald’s September 2019 Musings

Sarah Gilbert neé Postlethwaite has been in touch. Her family lived at South View during the war, and she attended Arkholme school with her younger sister. She remembers visiting Charlie Ireland the basket maker, and he made her a doll’s cradle for her Christmas present. Her father was a Colonel in The Royal Engineers, and his regiment was tasked with blowing up the bridges behind the retreating British Army as they made for Dunkirk.

They were too late to escape via Dunkirk but got one of the last boats that left from Cherbourg, arriving in Portsmouth two days later, where he rang his wife to tell her he was safe.

Sarah is busy writing her war-time memories and wanted some photos of Arkholme and any information I could give her. I look forward to reading her small booklet when it is finished.

Alan Blackburn of Loyne Park has recently been appointed Professor of Geography at Lancaster University. Well done Alan, I am sure your students benefit from your expertise enormously.

The next dance in the Village Hall is on 7 September, when Denis Westmorland will be playing his very own Lakeland music for the dancers.

Gerald Hodgson

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