Gerry Hoggarth

Five years ago, David Mantle, living in Manchester searched the internet for the name Gerry Hoggarth, with whom he had spent some time in hospital.

Gerry Hogarth with Programme for Garfield Match

He learned that Gerry (who I am given to believe is quite a gregarious individual) hailed from Whittington.  Following an Internet search David came across our website and sent an email.

As always, in such matters, I winged the email on its way to the eternal font of local wisdom, Gerald Hodgson.

In June 2012, as a result of David’s email Gerald penned 340 words plus spaces (Gerald is never mean with his prose) following a visit he made to Gerry and his wife Vera.

Gerry Hoggarth – Iron Man of the Lakes

David has contacted us again advising that Gerry is now in St. Wilfred’s retirement home in Halton, Vera being in a similar establishment in Slyne.

Have communicated this information to Gerald I learned from him that Gordon Woodward is also housed at St. Wilfred’s.

Gerry was hailed as the Iron Man of the Lakes and you can still read Gerald’s original June 2012 article at this link.

The Internet is a wonderful source of things to look at when there is little on the TV.  The result of which is that I have dug up the following photo of the said Champion Wrestler at Blackpool Pontins, in 1962. There where obviously some perks to be a World Famous Wrestler. 

John Keegan

2 thoughts on “Gerry Hoggarth”

  1. Sorry to learn of the recent passing of Gerald.
    He was a truly remarkable man with a lively mind and wonderful memories – including of his childhood in Lindale, where he was a school-friend of our fathers. We will miss our visits to him – but pray that he is now safely in Heaven – with Vera, his beloved wife of over 70 years.
    Dorothy and George Tyson.

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