Good News!!

A man has been arrested and a quantity of suspected stolen goods recovered following a police pursuit today (Wednesday, October 23).

Around 4.50 am a white Ford Transit van was seen travelling in the Bolton-Le-Sands area by police.

Officers attempted to stop the vehicle which made off at speed towards Kirkby Lonsdale.

The van continued onto Main Street in Whittington where it rolled onto its side, stopping in a field.

A man made off from the vehicle and was later arrested in a nearby barn after being tracked by police dog Apol.

Following an investigation, the van was found to have cloned licence plates and is believed to have been stolen from an address in Bare, Morecambe, at the weekend.

A number of bicycles, gas-powered trial bikes, bolt cutters and tools – all suspected as stolen – were found inside the van.

An 18-year-old man from Widnes was arrested on suspicion of aggravated vehicle taking and is in custody.

The Parish Council have kindly provided me with a photo of the recent accident (a month or so ago for those who haven’t heard of the event), when I Agricultural tractor, and trailer, overturned on this very corner.

Just imagine what the outcome would have been if this very same corner had been flooded, as it often is.

One thought on “Good News!!”

  1. Just a few of the comments on Facebook:

    Helen Mackereth – This is what happened last night. They found him in our back garden.

    Penny Holt – Great work everyone including Apol xx

    Sarah Higginson – Hope the dog took a great big chunk out of the thieving backside – and that the dog’s had a tetanus.

    Hilary Collins – Well done the boys in blue, and not for getting Apol the beautiful dog who found the little scrote hiding,

    Irene Andy Moran – Brilliant well done x

    John Bleasdale – Bloody brilliant news. Apparently two of the bikes in the van were my nephews. He’ll be chuffed n’ works hard for his money, unlike the toe rag that tried to nick them

    JK There were more than 100 comments so I felt that thiose above were representative. I apologise to those who’s comments I did not include.

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