Graham’s Correspondence

Graham has provided me with the interchange of correspondence between himself and members of the County Council, in respect of the condition of the roads in our village.  I am pleased to be able to copy this correspondence on this Blog.
To  John Keegan
26 Jun at 3:47 PM

Hello John

In my role as official pothole czar for the Parish I have been in correspondence (attached) with the County Highways Department.

The good news is that action is planned for Church Street, the less good news is only patching will be carried out elsewhere.

Begin forwarded message:

From: “Iddon, Keith (Cllr)”
Subject: Condition of Highways
Date: 26 June 2018 at 11:31:27 BST

Dear Mr Williams

Thank you for your email to County Councillor Charles dated the 22 June 2018.  Please find attached a response to your email with regards to the Condition of Highways in Whittington.


Anne Addison
Executive Support Officer to Cabinet Members
Lancashire County Council

To which Graham responded as follows:

Tithe Barn
Main Street
Lancashire  LA6 2NY
26 June, 2018

Councillor Iddon
Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport
Lancashire County Council
PO Box 100
County Hall
Preston PR10LD
Your ref KI/AEA

Dear Councillor Iddon

Thank you for letter of today’s date.

I understand that the Highways Department has to operate within strict budget constraints and your letter is very helpful with its explanation of the its future plans for the area, however I am sure that residents and the Parish Council would appreciate better information concerning the timing of major resurfacing work.

I am also certain that the residents whose property fronts Church Street will be relieved that preventative maintenance is planned for Church Street.

As to the issue of whether a particular defect meets intervention criteria, it would be very helpful if these criteria were published as I am sure that this would avoid some reporting of potholes which did not meet the criteria for needing attention.

Yours sincerely

Graham Williams


Graham has received the following information (06/07/18)

I have now received clarification of the county council’s intervention level for defects, the intervention level set in Lancashire is that any pothole over 40mm in depth is considered an actionable pothole and will be repaired. The level is reduced for footways and our intervention level is 25mm for rural and urban areas, and 20mm for highly pedestrianised areas such as town centres.

Graham Williams

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