Improved Bus Service?

On the 14 September Lancashire County Council’s cabinet will consider proposals on how to spend the additional £1M the new administration has allocated to funding bus services with the improvements to take effect just before Christmas.

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When the consultation on the funding was announced the Bus Users’ Group put forward suggestions that would have restored various services in and around the City.  The Cabinet Report, to be considered on 14th September, includes none of these improvements. The only part of Lancaster District to benefit will be the Lune Valley, where it does at least appear that the BUG’s requests are being considered. The Report includes an action “to work with (bus) operators to develop a sustainable daytime service for the villages of Gressingham, Arkholme and Whittington as well as the Lune Valley as a whole”.
As these villages were left without any usable buses by the April 2016 cuts and have since gained only a token service provided by Kirkby Lonsdale Coach Hire buses en-route to and from another service this is, to say the least, overdue.  The full report makes reference to the county council working with “operators and stakeholders” to develop proposals and the BUG has already asked for an input into the work of designing the new service.
We in Whittington have been asked by BUGS what would be your top priorities, bearing in mind that the council won’t have a lot of money available and that it has already ruled out evenings and Sundays.”
Duncan and I are consulting with Peter Williamson and Colin Hall, the Councillors closest to all the discussions to date, so that our views can be submitted.
Anyone who would like an input into this consultation is invited to let their views be known on this Blog.  You will have to be speedy because the meeting is in four days time.
Duncan Foster – John Keegan

3 thoughts on “Improved Bus Service?”

  1. From: Mark Nelson
    Sent: 10 September 2017 17:33
    Subject: Buses

    Hi John,
    Firstly a big thank you to you and Duncan for all the effort you have put in to get things this far. Your piece on the blog does give me a certain element of hope. I thought a little bit about how the bus scrapping has effected me may add to our case.

    As a sufferer of Bi Polar Disorder there are times when I need help/treatment, due to the lack of buses,and if there is no car available I am forced to use a taxi which is a £70 round trip to the mental health unit at Morecambe. On two occasions over the past year when I have been unable to reach help/treatment I have gone into ‘crisis’ which has led to the Ambulance taking me to hospital, where I’ve been kept for a few days. Had this happened two years ago I would have been in Morecambe on a bus in an hour and a half, the specialists worked their magic and crisis/hospital avoided.

    I not sure if this can help at all John?

    Keep up the good fight

    Mark Nelson

    1. Many thanks for that Mark, and also for allowing me to post your comments on this Blog.

      Duncan and I will be sending suggestions to BUGS, and the County Council, very shortly. We are now trying to raise interest in Kirkby, opposite the more difficult problem of Late Evening and Weekend services. It’s a shame the there isn’t a Licensed Victualars Association in Kirkby as they would gain most benefit.

  2. Thank you Mark for your contribution, not just because of its value to the debate about public transport locally and its importance to rural communities which become even more isolated without public transport, but also for your moving commentary on how this isolation affects you personally.
    Graham Williams

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