Is this sad?

I’m not sure whether this is sad or not.  It probably does give some sort of clue to my personality however.

On the bookcase in my study I still have the books into which I wrote all my notes, when taking endorsements to my ONC (Mechanical) in 1958-59.

This is from 24 September 1959, the course on Strength of Materials.

It’s interesting to recall that in those days the paper size was foolscap and not the modern A4.

Standing to the side of my handwritten efforts are also, Birtwistles “Thermodynamics”, Paradise’s “Problems in Hydraulics”, Greensmith’s “Practical Dehydration” and a sadly battered copy of Fowler’s Engineers Handbook.  I also still have my Steam Tables, Log Tables and Slide Rule.

I remember to this day one of my favourite Lecturers, Johnny Torrance, saying “You do not have to remember everything I teach you.  What you need to do is know where to find it when you need it, and then be able to apply it”

As a mark of my respect for Mr. Torrance, I do know where to find anything I need but he was right to say that I would not remember it.  However I fear that I may have let him down in my recollection of how to use it. Never the less I can still recite the solution to a Quadratic Equation (by heart) and use it as well.

As an indicator of times yet to come, the book sitting next to “Problems in Hydraulics” is the 5th Edition of Michael Jackson’s outstanding publication “Malt Whisky Companion” circa 2004.  It is a matter of singular regret to me that there is not a corresponding volume celebrating “Mothers Ruin”

John Keegan

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