John Keegan

I write not only on behalf of Whittington Parish Council but also as a friend who has known both John and Maureen for nearly 20 years
Knowledgeable, enthusiastic, erudite, controversial, Bon viveur and cantankerous are just a few words used to describe this larger than life character.
We didn’t always agree, which was no bad thing, but one could guarantee that if a cause needed a champion he could be relied on to fill that post
The Village will always remember his remarkable achievement in persuading the authorities to reinstate our local bus service, his enthusiasm (understandably) in trying to resurrect the Dragon, being instrumental in sourcing and obtaining funding for various local projects. I know how grateful many villagers are.
Certainly, in the last 18months I, as Parish Council Chairman, have worked closely with John on numerous initiatives and realised what a font of knowledge we had in Loyne Park. He will be missed.
Can I offer my condolences to you and your family and of course Maureen and wish you all well
Colin Hall
Sellet Hall

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