John Keegans Obituary

Sadly it has taken me so long to work my way around this site (Dad was always my go to IT support). I have to use Dad’s (John Keegan) blog to advise that he died on Friday very peacefully in Lancaster Royal Infirmary in his 80th year. It would have been both Mum and Dad’s 80th this year and we had big plans for a celebration.
Mum and Dad moved to Whittington in 2001 from Cambridge after Dad’s heart attack and his decision to retire from business. It was always their plan to retire to somewhere in the Cumbria after many years of living in Carlisle when Steph and I were young. Looking for a home was hampered by the foot and mouth outbreak and it was difficult for them to look at properties but as soon as they looked at Loyne Park and visited the Dragons Head the decision was made.
During his time in the community, he worked consistently for what he saw as the good of the community and was amused when the community didn’t agree with his views. He last made a comment on Face Book or Twitter in January and it is the longest period he hasn’t he hasn’t been blocked by someone, and I noticed a message today from Andrew Neil asking where he was!! Currently, we are unable to make any arrangements in respect of the funeral as a result of the Coronavirus restrictions and it is likely that the funeral will be a very restricted family affair which is sad for us because we would have loved to give our lovely Dad the send off he deserves. However, we plan to have a celebration of his life when our Country is back to normal.

Many thanks for your lovely message and cards

Paula, Steph and Maureen

Thank you for the many lovely messages and cards we have received and we will use the blog to keep people informed.

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