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One frequent theme on this blog is the difficulty of contacting Parish Councillors.  I will not repeat the pros & cons because they have been sufficiently aired.  However, for a change I have what might be an acceptable solution all round.

The “Worlds most reliable mobile phone”, the Nokia 3310 can be bought from numerous places on the Internet for less than £25, SIM free.  A SIM card for Pay-as-you-Go would cost a further £10, and as it is only required for incoming calls, it will last for ever.

Nokia 3310

It is a simple, rather than smart, phone ideally suited to the task of receiving calls.  It can be transferred to another person if a particular Councillor looses their seat in an election, or retires from the PC. More particularly it is robust and reliable.  Maureen and I have each  had ones that we have used since 2000.

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