Kirkby Lonsdale Coach Hire

We have received some unexpected but most welcome news.  As a result of Duncan Foster’s consultations with Matt Sutton at Kirkby Lonsdale Coach Hire, with the support ofJim Davies at the Lancaster Bus User Group, KLCH will be introducing a new service from 1st May onwards.

Currently, Stagecoach operates a service which leaves Lancaster at 7:45 passing through Arkholme at 8:24 and Whittington at 8:30.  This bus only runs Monday to Friday in Term Time.

KLCH will enhance this by providing the same timetable during school holidays and also most importantly on Saturdays (there will still be no Sunday Service).

They will also be running an additional Service which will leave Booths daily at 17:50 arriving Whittington at 17:59 and Arkholme at 18:06.  It seems that this will be Mon to Saturday both term time and during school holidays (we still have to confirm that these days are correct).

This latter bus will be in addition to the existing Stagecoach Term Time service which leaves Kirkby at 15:40.

KLCH comment: “We are not aware as yet of what will be happening as regards return tickets and publicity – obviously it would be best if return and period tickets were interavailable, and these journeys included in the Stagecoach leaflet.”  As this would require the cooperation of Stagecoach we will have to wait and see.

KLCH have been able to offer this service in order to reposition the vehicles concerned due to the needs of their existing timetable.

Superb work Duncan.

John Keegan

4 thoughts on “Kirkby Lonsdale Coach Hire”

  1. Am I the only person that has the guts to acknowledge the contribution that Duncan has made to having the transport problems of Whittington recognised?

    Very soon the NHS will prevent the Chairman of our Parish Council from driving his vehicle, on medical grounds. This will happen to an increasing number of people I know in Whittington over the next five years.

    We are relying on Duncan to pull us out of the sh1t. Is that fair?

  2. Anna. may I point out that if you were to have read this blog you would have realised that many of us had offered our thanks to Duncan and John often and this did not take ‘guts’ to do so.
    Duncan and John have been tireless with their efforts and I believe that the developments with Kirkby Lonsdale coaches are only the next step.
    Cheers gents.

  3. Hi All,

    Great news, we need to make sure we use it. I am hoping Duncan can now pick up our curry take away on a Friday! On a serious note this is a wonderful move in the right direction for all.

  4. I can report that Duncan has ideas to complement this increase in service. But we need to adopt the “creepy, creepy catchy money” approach if we are to keep everyone on our side.

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