Let the Bells Ring Out

My attention was drawn by Duncan Foster, to an excellent edition of  “The Yorkshire Dales and the Lakes”, Series 2 Episode 1, broadcast on Channel 4, and still available on catch up.

The Broadcast features our very own Anne “Rainbow” Pettifor explaining the loss of campanology emanating from the tower of St Bartholomew’s Church in the delightful village of Barbon.

Rev. Anne Pettifor.

In the program Anne introduces, proprietors of Churchmouse Cheese in Barbon, Jules and John Natlacen, together with their campanology addicted son, .

John Natlacen – Church Mouse Cheese.

Churchmouse Cheese organised a fund raising event that raised in excess of £1,000 to assist in repairs to the Church roof. The thanks of St Bartholomew’s congregation must, I’m sure, go to them.

If you have a leaky church roof, and £1,000+ to spare, what do you do?

John Pinch – Never closer to God

Bring on the only qualified campanologist, that has a lead hammer and a ladder. To whit – John Pinch. When the job was completed John was heard to say “Let there be rain”, and rain fell upon the fells and the bells were at peace.

John Keegan

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