Letter to Stagecoach

Duncan has sent the following letter to Stagecoach.  Lets keep our fingers crossed:

Mr. Michael Sanderson
Commercial Manager
Broadacre House
16-20 Lowther Street
Carlisle CA3 8DA

05 April 2017

Dear Mr. Sanderson,

The residents of Gressingham, Arkholme and Whittington, in the Lune Valley, have an Action Group whose primary concern is to investigate ways to supplement the reduced public transport service which we receive since the removal of the County subsidy in April of last year.

We have a specific suggestion to which we would appreciate your company giving consideration.

You currently provide a term time only service, which leaves Kirkby Lonsdale Market Sq. at 15:45.  The bus which provides this service leaves Lancaster at around 14:45, occasionally from the Depot and at other times from the Bus Station, and does not pick-up on its way to Kirkby.

We wonder if you would consider allowing this bus to take the old 81A route and pick-up on its journey.  This would serve two purposes.  Firstly at the moment you have a three hour gap between the 13:15 and the 16:15 services leaving Lancaster. We believe your passengers would love to shorten this wait.  Secondly it would provide passengers a two hour time period in Kirkby before they returned to Lancaster on the new 17:50 which Kirkby Lonsdale Coach Hire will be providing from 01st May 2017.

We would appreciate your serious consideration of this suggestion

Yours Sincerely,

Duncan Foster

CC (by Email):  Gressingham, Arkholme and Whittington Parish Councils;  City Councillor Peter Williamson; County Councillor John Fillis and County Councillor Susie Charles

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