Lost Property

The following message was posted on Facebook late on Saturday evening.  If anyone returned from Lancaster on Saturday afternoon and saw the bag on the bus please let me know so that I can contact the owner.

Blake and I went to Lancaster today, 12th of May, 2018. We took the bus from Kirkby Lonsdale to Lancaster at 12:38pm. Everything was fine, we enjoyed our afternoon and got all the things we need but unfortunately Blake left behind his backpack on the bus with his paw patrol sea patroller pup pad vehicle and water bottle (the colour is lighter than the picture) in it and it has a key ring of Blake’ s nursery graduation picture. I am part to blame as I didn’t double check if he got his backpack on before getting off the bus. But anyway, if anyone finds it please pm me or hand it in to any of stagecoach driver or to their office in Lancaster bus station. I already asked about it at their office in Lancaster bus station but it is not there. I will contact them on Monday to check if anyone found it and handed it in. I already bought Blake a new backpack but I am still hoping that he will find his lost bag as it has a sentimental value because it is his bag since he started proper school and he’s got his nursery graduation picture key ring on it. Thank you.
John Keegan – Tel: 015242 73052 – john.loynepark@btinternet.com


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