Lune Valley Buses

Lancashire County Council have agreed some changes to the bus services, to come into effect on the 11 December 2017.

Unfortunately these do not include services in the Lune Valley.

On the brighter side the council announce that there will be further changes implemented on 12 February 2018.  They have also said:

“Lancaster – Lune Valley – Kirkby Lonsdale
Lancashire County Council is continuing to work with bus operators to develop a sustainable option to restore a daytime service link for Gressingham, Arkholme & Whittington and the Lune Valley as a whole.”

Hopefully our Christmas present will merely be delayed until early 2018.  Lets hope so any way.

The full details are available at: This Link.

John Keegan

6 thoughts on “Lune Valley Buses”

  1. What is the problem? The current council has had 7 months to solve this issue, and now have decided they need longer. May I urge residents to contact local cllrs asking them to apply pressure to the Council’s ‘transport team’.

  2. Yes just moved to village no plans yet for public transport. Lune Valley whittington residents old and younger tax payers folk to get out and about. Taxis vary from £7 to £15 Austwick to get to kirkby on rip off priced to Lancaster Hackney cabs

  3. The short answer is that County are still in discussions with the bus operators. The December changes will not impact on the Lune valley, so we must hope that some improvement will happen in the February round of changes.

    We understand the KLCH are considering a service between Skipton, Kirkby and Lancaster that might benefit our side of the Valley.

    Duncan is in touch with Matt at KLCH and when he hears anything I will post it on this blog.

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