May 2019 PC Meeting

I have extracted the following items from the Draft Minutes of the May Parish Council Meeting.

  1. Items discussed from Annual Parish Assembly Traffic management through the village. Report highway issues on Lancaster City Council Traffic Management Officer visited the village and proposed to request Lancashire County Council for 20 mph signage, a SPeed Indicator Device, and to Lancashire Constabulary a suitable site availability for a mobile speed device occasionally; Cllrs agree to fund Whittington in Bloom hanging baskets etc, & Christmas Trees, alongside matched funding from Whittington Village Hall;  Dragon’s Head Hotel discussed, Mr Nutter proposes the public house be purchased and managed as a Community Project. Funding is being explored.
  2. Gardening competition – Cllrs propose that it be judged in the summer by the previous Rose Bowl winner. 3 classes – Hanging Baskets, Window boxes, Front gardens. 3 prize winners in each category 1st £30, 2nd £20, 3rd £10.
  3. Cllr Fell introduced an Electronic Communication template to gather information from parishioners. A leaflet drop will be completed requesting parishioners to reply their interest by Email or at a designated letter box site.
  4. Business introduced by Councillors. Cllr Sutherland proposed an informal Summer Barbeque and a Village Sport’s Day. Discussion by Cllrs proposed a joint event with Whittington Village Hall. A suitable venue and date to be explored. Cllr Hall proposed to purchase weedkiller for around the village verges, Cllrs agreed to fund this. Additional information from Lancaster City Council. Changes to Recycling Centres Opening Hours from 1st October 2019, Carnforth is included. Proposed change to 9 am to 5 pm year round, with 2 closure days to be confirmed excluding Fridays, open on Bank Holidays regardless of normal closure on Mondays.
John Keegan

7 thoughts on “May 2019 PC Meeting”

  1. Traffic Speeds through Whittington

    In 2017 there was extensive discussion on this blog about the potential dangers arising from traffic speeds through the village, particularly along Main Street.

    At the time it seemed to have been accepted that a safe speed would be less than 30mph and it was suggested that 20mph would be more appropriate.

    The Parish Council had suggested that a SpiD should be purchased, but after it was pointed out that this would be set at 30mph thereby endorsing an unsafe speed this idea was dropped.

    The Parish Council clearly has a collective short memory.

  2. I may well be wrong, Graham, but if my recollection is correct the meeting to which you refer was, in fact, the Annual Assembly, rather than a PC Meeting.

    If I am right then only Eric and Barbara were present. The meeting wasn’t Minuted in the conventional sense, because Assemblies aren’t minuted, and of course Eric and Barbra are no longer on the PC.

    Agitator #1

  3. As the Lancs traffic manager agrees 20mph is the correct maximum speed the SpiD would be set at this speed otherwise there is no point having a SpiD.

    On the positive side the traffic manager has visited, agreed the maximum speed should be 20mph and I assume they are supplying a SpiD plus a PC checking every so often.

    All big wins if they come off and a massive well done to the PCC as these improvements should make the village safer.

    On other matters I would think the pub would be now worthless without the land and other buildings and even if Mr Nutter donated it to the village as it is a liability, the cost of renovation would run into the £100,000’s. Only time will tell.

    All in all I think the PCC should be praised and supported – maybe we should have a 6 monthly community meeting as this appears to have energised matters.

  4. Hi All,

    With reference to The Dragons Head, having it as a community Asset would be a good thing, however as Mike Barr has pointed out it is currently a liability for Simon Nutter and probably worthless. I cannot see him donating the property to the village as I am sure he wants to recoup his quarter of a million pounds plus back.

    I have revisited the planning and the statement from Simon Nutter regarding the opening of the pub, I feel he would have said and done anything for the planning, however trying to sell it in three lots is a waste of time. The conditions tie the barn to the pub. The houses are large on land that floods.. who would buy the planning plot and not the pub because I can’t see them being sold separately.

    As Mike said to put this community asset back to anything worthwhile would cost thousands. Maybe in time there will be a change of use application and it will be turned into a house with the land. Community funding could then be generated to refurbish the Village Hall and make a lovely inviting bat area.

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