Message from our Leader

Parish Council Chairman, Colin Hall, has updated a couple of issues, which you may be interested in.

Firstly – Parish Champion Grants. –  Lancashire County Council appoints a Parish Champion, currently County Council Paul Rigby, one of whose tasks is to administer the funds available to Parish and Town Councils’ via grants.

With the thought that we could apply for one of these grants, Colin has begged the question of what we should apply for. His observations are “My thoughts include Caroline’s Tubers, Traffic Monitoring Measures, Road Safety Survey or indeed funding a SPID, anyway the thoughts of parishioners would, as ever be appreciated.”

Secondly – Colin goes on to say: “Regarding traffic management through the village I’m awaiting comments from an independent boffin who recently visited the village as to what our next step to introduce traffic calming should be.”

A short while ago I put the issue of speed management through rural villages, in answer to a BBC Radio 4 request for suggestions for program research. Regrettably, the BBC does not seem to have taken the bait.

Do any parishioners have any comments to make in respect of any of the issues that Colin has raised? If so please add a comment to this post.

John Keegan

One thought on “Message from our Leader”

  1. The old issue still rumbles on, it seems to be generally accepted that the speed limit through the village should be set at 20mph and it is promising that expert advice is being sought at last. Surely this advice should be obtained before any more thought is given to wasting money on a SPiD.

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