Missy and the Whitts

I received an email today from Amanda Baber.  Her email follows:

Dear Sir or Madam

Having a connection to the Whittington family I am writing to you about my book. Costing only £3.00 it is written to support the Charmouth Local History Society here in Dorset.
The Whittington Sisters were a big influence in their time in Charmouth and were related to Dick Whittington of pantomime fame. My book takes you into our dog’s dreams as she explores our village as she travels back in time, meeting real characters and befriending their real cat. The vision for my book is to bring history to all in a fun way and I have beautifully illustrated it throughout. Suitable for adults and older children this is the first in a series of books I am planning.
I hope you don’t mind me contacting you but I feel I should reach out to people with a Whittington connection. The links below take you to my book in my online shops, Kindle and there are also local shops selling it too.
With best wishes 

Amanda Baber – Author

I have already downloaded Amanda’s book, from Amazon – cost £2.40 inc VAT, to my Kindle and synchronised to the Kindle App on my computer.

At the moment I am reading Dan Brown’s 2009 book “The Lost Symbol”.  I am sure that, when I have finished it, I will find Amanda’s book a suitable relief from intrigue and “the deadly race through a real-world labyrinth of codes, secrets, and unseen truths”.
The link on Amazon is: Missy and the Whitts
John Keegan

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