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The good Mrs Raistrick posted the following comment on another part of this Blog. I have taken the liberty of promoting it to a more prominent position in the earnest hope that whoever is responsible can make a resolution to improve their community obligations in the coming 2019.

“A plea to the village, there is an increase in dog poo around the village, don’t know why., however totally unacceptable. Please pick it up!

My husband empties the Village dog bin so I do not expect to walk outside my gate to be faced with a parcel of someone else’s dogs leftovers.

I will find out who they are and woe betide the wrath of my tongue and I will report to the environmental agency having picked it up and deposited outside your door!

Misses R”

5 thoughts on “More Poo”

  1. Santa was kind enough to bring me some new boots for Christmas, so on New Year’s day I took a stroll around the village, sticking to the pavement. When I got back home I had dog dirt on the soles of both shoes !!!!!
    This is DISGUSTING and as a community we must deal with it. Someone knows who is the guilty party is and I make a plea for them to post the name on this website. I will be more than happy to collect the dog poo and deliver it back to the owner’s front door. Rant over.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL (except that filthy dog owner)

  2. Due to the success of the poo bin situated at the end of Long Walk Parish Council agreed to purchase another bu,t as yet, has not got round to it mainly because of conflicting suggestions of where to put it!

    Do you both mind putting something on the websites asking for sensible locations to be suggested (preferably by dog owners) for the new bin

    We have the money and approval so it could be installed fairly quickly.

    If there are no suggestions from the village I’ll make a management decision and locate where Simon Raistrick and I think fit.

    Colin Hall

  3. Colin,

    I would suggest Hosticle lane area near church. That means we have one either end of church exits over field and there is one at village hall.

    The difficulty is if people don’t pick up then it’s irrelevant how many bins there are. I was really miffed the other day and you could blame walkers but there are villagers who do not pick up there is no point naming and shaming as it wouldn’t make a difference.

    Misses R

  4. Another huge dollop outside the bus stop at the Village Hall……….. which Mr R cleaned up.

    Maybe CCTV is the answer?

    John put a reminder on for defibrillator demonstration this Thursday as per previous blog.

    How’s our Maureen. Xx,

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