Movement on the Buses

The following report has been carried in the Lancaster Guardian online edition:

Axed bus services in Lancaster could be reinstated

An extra £1m looks set to be made available for bus networks across the county.

Lancashire County Councillors are due to meet this week to discuss where investment is most needed. Key priorities are to restore lost links between communities, particularly in rural areas where people who don’t drive or own a car rely most on public transport, increase the frequency of services on routes where there is more demand, and stabilise the network to support routes which might otherwise disappear. The council’s new administration has committed to make an extra £1m available to support bus services, increasing the budget from £2m to £3m.

County Coun Andrew Snowden, lead member for highways and transport, has started a cross-party consultation for councillors to consider draft proposals for improving services, and put forward their ideas. He said: “I’m keen to ensure passengers benefit from the improvements to bus services we promised as soon as possible, I have already been working with officers on some draft proposals for how we could best meet the needs of communities with the new funding. “However, I also want to ensure that county councillors have the opportunity to input into work on behalf of the communities they represent and raise any issues they are aware of which will help to make sure the proposals we eventually bring forward have a real impact and provide the best possible value for money. A good public transport network is vital to support our economy, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to access work and education.

Following consultations, which begin with drop in sessions, proposals will be presented to the county council’s cabinet on September 14. County Coun Snowden added: “It also plays a vital role in helping people to carry out everyday tasks such as doing their shopping, visiting family and friends, and getting to health appointments.

“This extra funding will make a significant impact in supporting and supplementing the commercial network to link communities which might otherwise have no or very little public transport, and help to ensure transport connections across Lancashire are as effective as possible.”

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  1. The Lancaster Bus Users Group have emailed members (Duncan and I) with the following information:

    Your committee has identified a number of improvements to put to the council.

    These are shown below with an indication of which of the Council’s Key Priorities they conform to:

    1. Improved services in the Lune Valley – particularly to Arkholme, Whittington and Gressingham. (Key Priorities 1,2 and perhaps 3)

    2. Restoration of evening and Sunday services on city services (Key Priority 2)

    3. Restoration of evening services to larger villages (Key priority 2)

    4. Later buses between Carnforth and Warton (connecting to/from 555 service). – (Key priorities 1 and 2)

    5. Continued support for service 18 (East Lancaster Circular) following ending of Developer funding (Key Priority 3)

    Please let us know what you think of these suggestions and also please let us know if there are any other improvements we should be seeking.

    The Council intends to bring final proposals to Cabinet on September 14th and it is therefore vital that we contact county councillors as soon as possible.

    I therefore look forward to hearing from you shortly,

    Jim Davies

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