Music in Quiet Places

This Sunday- 12 May – 2:30 pm.

Choral concert with Levens Choir
St. Michael the Archangel, Whittington

Free entry, tea and cakes.
Collection for Church funds and for Levens Choir, Choral Scholarship Scheme

4 thoughts on “Music in Quiet Places”

  1. In his introduction to this afternoon’s concert given by; The Levens Choir, Michael Hampson commented on the acoustic quality of the Church.

    The choir and their pianist demonstrated this to the full in an outstanding concert from the choir with piano solos from their pianist.

    Graham Williams

  2. I also attended the event and can concur with Graham it was fabulous. The people of Whittington who provided the refreshments should also be thanked as the food was excellent. Thanks also to the Parishioners who cleaned the church, mowed the grass and rang the bells.

  3. Dear Graham

    I understand you have asked for the value of the collection at yesterday’s concert.

    It was £412. to be divided equally between the church in Whittington and the Levens Choir Choral Scholarship scheme.

    Judith Greenwood

  4. So – Not just an excellent performance, with superb support and wonderful acoustics, but a very laudable outcome to boot.

    Let all participants be praised.

    John Keegan.

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