One thought on “NHS 70th Birthday”

  1. Ahhhh, butter wouldn’t melt eh John?

    Thank God for the NHS, it’s saved my life and the lives of many people I know. I believe that the NHS has been used as a political football for far to long in this country. The time must have come to make the NHS ‘apolitical’, the great and good must talk about the elephant in the room. Should IVF/Cosmetic surgery be free? Should prescriptions be free for those who can afford to pay, whatever their age ? Should the NHS fine people for missing appointments? Should the National Lottery revenue be directed to the NHS as opposed to the Opera house in London ? Should an extra 1p be put on income tax and be ring fenced for the NHS ? Should NHS tourism be policed strongly ?

    Rant over, the NHS is one of our nation’s jewels, it simply needs polishing slightly. Enjoy the sunshine.

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