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This evening’s open meeting in the village hall went off very well indeed.  Forty or so Parishioners attended and the meeting was very ably Chaired by our District Councillor, Peter Williamson.

At the commencement of the meeting Peter announced that it was the intention to take a vote of those present, at the end of the meeting to see how many were in support of the actions of the Parish Council over the prior twenty four months and how many were not in support.

A lively discussion ensued, with questions being asked about the administration of both the web site and the Blog, and opinions being expressed about the contents of both.  There was a certain amount of confusion about the difference between these two resources.  Comments were also made about the lack of communication around the Parish.

Colin Hall made an impassioned summary of some of the recent events surrounding the PC with a frank admission to some of the shortfalls that they had experienced.  He was however quite sure that no matters of financial impropriety had occurred.

He then said that at the next PC Meeting he would propose a course of action, seeking assistance from outside resources, in order to see what could be done to eradicate anything that may have been the cause of disquiet.  This would include a 15 minute period of public participation at the commencement of each meeting.

The Chairman collected a number of names of people who were prepared to assist, including towards the possibility of generating a PC owned and supported web site.

Colin did say that he was considering tendering his resignation at the next PC Meeting.  This produced an overwhelming level of support for him to continue in his role.

The meeting ended with a vote on the substantive motion.  There were 38 in favour of support for the PC, 2 abstentions and 1 (me) against.

The meeting adjourned amicably.

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  1. During the meeting Duncan Foster mentioned that there were representatives of a number of Parish Councils present at the Bus User Group Meeting on Thursday of last week. I have received the minutes today (I will post them separately). The attendance list was as follows:

    1. Present: Jim Davies, Abi Mills, Eric Jones, Margaret, David Cox, Dorothy Pearce, Ken Pearce, Duncan Foster, John Keegan, Paul Legon, Heather Kellett, Mel Guilding, Andrew Drummond, G.J. Beckett, Pauline White, Roger Frankland

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