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No Water supply

Saturday 05 December 20:58.

Whittington is surround by roads made impassable  because of flooding.

The River Lune is a torrent.  Every field looks like an endless lake.

And in Loyne Park we have no water.  Apparently there is an electrical fault at a pumping station so there is no water pressure.

Give a storm a stupid name like Desmond and you’ve got to accept that it will get it’s own back!

David Morris MP – 81A


John Anderson has kindly provided this copy of his email sent to our Member of Parliament, David Morris, together with the reply that he has received.

—–Original Message—–
From: John Anderson
Sent: 02 December 2015 22:10
To: MORRIS, David
Subject: 81A Bus Service

Dear David,
I live in Whittington, just outside of Kirkby Lonsdale. I am studying for a degree in Geography and Environmental sciences at UCLAN.
My travel schedule is the 81a Stagecoach bus at 0735 to Lancaster, 0857 train Lancaster to Preston, returning at various times in the afternoon through the week.
I have been advised that the Lune Valley services will cease from the end of March due to to Conservative cuts in local government subsidies.
Can you please confirm that this is the reason funding for these services is correct.
Best regards,
John G Anderson

—–Response Message—–
From: David Morris
Sent: 04 December 201510:22
To: Anderson, John G
Subject: 81A Bus Service

Dear John Anderson

Thank you for contacting me regarding cuts proposed by Lancashire County Council.

I am appalled at the scaremongering nature of these announcements which seem to come around every year before the budget and are usually politically motivated. In fact the proposals were released weeks before the outcome of the spending review, which meant that the council made these proposals without knowing the full extent of what their financial position would be.

The Government grant which they claim is causing all of the cuts only covers a quarter of council spending and is going to be replaced by allowing councils to keep their own business rates which in the long term will lead to them having a larger budget and also more control of their budget. They can also cut the rate to attract even more businesses to the area.

The Labour Led Lancashire County Council always seem to choose emotive services such as rural busses, museums and library’s to create their political football with, when it is really their inept spending decisions when in Government which are meaning they now have to live within their means.

The Council should be taking a hard look at what it is currently wasting money on and start to live within its means. For example their Chief Executive earns £64,000 a year more than the Prime Minister, and there are also three additional officers who earn more than him, according to a report by the Taxpayers Alliance. This is simply not an acceptable expenditure for the County Council to make.

More appalling still the Council also have a colossal almost half a billion in reserves, a considerable amount more than their proposed savings they need to make from essential services. I am pleased that the Chancellor announced in the autumn statement that the Government will be encouraging councils who have saved colossal reserves to spend the money they do not need.

I think it is time for the council to get to grips with their budgets but not at the expense of my constituents.

Yours Sincerely

David Morris MP
Morecambe and Lunesdale

House of Commons

Rural Bus Service Questionnaire

The Bus Questionnaire can be downloaded from this link. It is in PDF format and can be filled in on line, but only if your browser supports form filling, otherwise Save the file and complete it off line. You will then need to print the document and pass it to your Parish Councillor, or send it to City Councillor Peter Williamson at the address shown on the form.

It is acceptable for people to email the form to Cllr Williamson at pwilliamson@lancaster.gov.uk.

Please complete the form and return it by 20 December 2015.

There is a question about how much you would be prepared to pay. I have used “Current fare” as the response because the answer is journey dependent and most people have multiple destinations.

Rural Bus Service

At the Parish Meeting yesterday evening it was decided to circulate a questionnaire on the subject of our Rural Bus Service.

Parishioners, of all ages, are encouraged to use the questionnaire to let the Parish Council know your views.

IMPORTANT REMINDER – No Parish Councillor is a regular user of the Bus Service therefore they rely on YOU to form an opinion of the demand and need.

Use you views wisely.

The questionnaire will be available on this Blog as soon as it is made available by the PC.

The view at the meeting was:

No concrete proposals can be formulated until Stagecoach let us know what impact this will have on the service they are prepared to provide in the future.

A Parish based public transport scheme isn’t something applicable to one Parish, and

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