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Rural Bus Service Questionnaire

The Bus Questionnaire can be downloaded from this link. It is in PDF format and can be filled in on line, but only if your browser supports form filling, otherwise Save the file and complete it off line. You will then need to print the document and pass it to your Parish Councillor, or send it to City Councillor Peter Williamson at the address shown on the form.

It is acceptable for people to email the form to Cllr Williamson at pwilliamson@lancaster.gov.uk.

Please complete the form and return it by 20 December 2015.

There is a question about how much you would be prepared to pay. I have used “Current fare” as the response because the answer is journey dependent and most people have multiple destinations.

Rural Bus Service

At the Parish Meeting yesterday evening it was decided to circulate a questionnaire on the subject of our Rural Bus Service.

Parishioners, of all ages, are encouraged to use the questionnaire to let the Parish Council know your views.

IMPORTANT REMINDER – No Parish Councillor is a regular user of the Bus Service therefore they rely on YOU to form an opinion of the demand and need.

Use you views wisely.

The questionnaire will be available on this Blog as soon as it is made available by the PC.

The view at the meeting was:

No concrete proposals can be formulated until Stagecoach let us know what impact this will have on the service they are prepared to provide in the future.

A Parish based public transport scheme isn’t something applicable to one Parish, and

Gerald’s December Blog

The rain stopped just long enough for us for the Remembrance service at the war memorial. We do right to remember those men who lost their lives so we can enjoy the life they never knew. The choral service that night was a wonderful experience – beautiful unaccompanied voices in a lovely setting just proved how good the acoustics of Whittington Church are.

i am informed that now the company developing the solar farm on Saddler Nook Lane have got their plans passed by the local authority they no longer feel obliged to give any money to local good causes. I had thought of all kinds of wonderful projects to spend it on. What a pity. We should be very wary of strangers offering gifts.

I am so pleased to hear that a few volunteers have come forward to help wind the church clock. That venerable piece of Victorian engineering is 140 years old this year, and when properly maintained, still keeps wonderful time. Long may it continue.

What is it about religion that turns sane rational people into wild murdering terrorists? Why do the worlds religious leaders not get together and start a UN-type peace forum to teach all their followers that other religions are just as devout as theirs, and that we should tolerate other people’s rational views?

We all have special memories of Dick Haston who died last month. The local boy, born at Lane Foot farm, went to Whittington School, and was such a popular member of our local community. Farm worker, truck driver, farmer, market gardener and Whittington race course chief steward – Dick did all these jobs, took them in his stride, always with a smile and a cheery word for everyone who crossed his path. Dick will be sadly missed by his family and friends and all who knew him, a wonderful character with a fount of local knowledge and always willing to give a helping hand.

Public Transport (3)

Although the 80 Services is not mentioned in the article in the Lancaster Guardian, it is on the list of services to loose it’s subsidy.

Interestingly, of all the services affected only these three are denoted as “in partnership” between the Council and the bus operator and the level of subsidised operation is unclear.

Whether there is an element of subsidy for the 81 service from Cumbria and similar for Yorkshire for the 80 is not known.

The villages affected are:

81A Caton, Brookhouse, Claughton, Hornby, Arkholme, Gressingham, Whittington, Kirkby.

81B Caton, Brookhouse, Claughton, Hornby, Wray, Tatham, Wennington, Melling, Tunstall, Burrow, Kirkby.

80   Caton, Brookhouse, Claughton, Hornby, Wray, Tatham, Wennington, Low Bentham, High Bentham, Burton in Lonsdale, Ingleton.

In Whittington Parish there are 148 houses paying Council Tax. The total amount paid is £257,320 and the average amount per dwelling is £1,731.

The equivalent for Council Tax payers living in the City is £1,291. This difference is caused by rural properties being in higher Tax Bands. Considering the fact the we have much less access to events and services in the City (and even less if we loose the bus service) it seems unfair that we should pay £440 more, to receive less.

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