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Gerald’s June Blog

Would someone please ask the powers that be to please remove the antique Whittington road sign that is lying at a drunken angle in the hedge on Kirkby Lonsdale road, could we please have it repaired and put in a less vulnerable place away from predatory hedge cutter drivers who seem to delight in decapitating road signs and footpath finger posts. Could it possibly be moved before some passing scrap merchant decides it would just top up his load of scrap iron, as that would see it gone forever.

Marie Blackburn saw the first swallow on April 16th but there are a lot fewer birds about this year and I have yet to see the usual ones flying around the Church.

We will be doing a small presentation in Church on May 31st at the Heritage Service at 5 pm there will be some of the Church records on view lots of other interesting material to look at if you are interested in our villages long history.

The Tartan Sound will be back playing music for dancing in Whittington Village Hall on June 6th at 8 pm, well worth a visit.

Gerald Hodgson

Gerald’s May Blog

The sign at Biggins crossroads advising HGV drivers to use the Whittington road has been removed, I have no idea why. Did someone overstep their authority putting it there or has common sense prevailed?

Is it really 70 years since we celebrated VE day? What a relief it was. The ARP and the Home Guard were stood down, the black out curtains removed, church bells were ringing again, most of the evacuees went home, and the army camp at Storrs Hall was abandoned. No more gas mask practices, no need for people to carry their identity cards. Peace was really returning. We celebrated. Arkholme Trinity Sports restarted, a challenge football match between Arkholme and Whittington was arranged, Whittington won if I remember correctly, and we built an enormous bonfire on the island by the viaduct. Some soldiers who had been abroad for long periods returned. Billy Woodend had been defending Malta for almost four years and seen quite a few of his comrades killed whilst manning the anti-aircraft guns. Reg Bateson came home after four years as a prisoner of war and other men and women who had served in the forces returned to their families. What a celebration it was. Food rationing continued for a few more years – bread rationing was yet to start – but oranges and bananas were back on sale and some shops actually sold ice cream, what luxury and what a treat.

The swallows should be returning any day now. Keep watching for them, they are a bit later this year, they must be waiting for the weather to get warmer.

Could our new Parish Council when they take over in May do something with the Parish seats? They are in a bad state of repair and for the last few years they have totally disappeared under the long grass.

Gerald Hodgson

Planning – May

15/00261/LB Listed Building application for the installation of 3 roof lights and the removal of an internal wall to facilitate the conversion of the garage to ancillary accommodation associated with 2 Cross Cottages for Mr&Mrs Ian Hunter, 2 Cross Cottages, Main Street, Whittington, LA6 2NX 15/0051/TCA Fell x2 trees for Mr John Lawrence, St Michaels House, Main Street, Whittington, LA6 2NX

15/00001/REF Erection of a 80 metre high wind turbine from ground to blade tip, transformer, substation, temporary construction area, new access track and alterations to existing access arrangements for Mr James Hopkins, Sunny Bank Farm, Kirkby Lonsdale Road, Arkholme, LA6 1BG This appeal is against a refusal of planning permission

Gerald’s April Blog

Keen observers of traffic signs will no doubt have noticed the new sign that has been put up at Biggins crossroads at Kirkby Lonsdale again advising HGV drivers not to use their road but I suppose use Church Street at Whittington instead. A similar sign was placed there a few years ago but we eventually persuaded Cumbria Council to remove it so perhaps with a little effort we can do the same thing again, I hear the Parish Council have the matter in hand so let us hope they are successful.

That hard working lady Marjorie Dixon from Harrison’s Farm is 90 years old this week, best wishes for a happy birthday Mrs Dixon from all your friends in the village. Have you been watching the Rooks rebuilding their nests in that large oak tree at Dobby Lane? They really have worked hard and there must be almost twenty nests in the tree this year. They must have reared a lot of young Rooks last year.

There was a break in at the Village Hall last week but fortunately not a lot of damage was done and nothing much was stolen, no money is ever left on the property so really it was a wasted effort on their part but it is not nice to think that people are wandering the village at night looking for things to steal. A truck was broken into at Low Hall and a quantity of hand tools were stolen on the same night so it pays to be vigilant the whole time.

Gerald Hodgson

The Village Blog