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Hedgehog Food

Until last year hedgehogs were regular visitors to our garden and to encourage them I bought a quantity of hedgehog food which they devoured with gusto.  Sadly they no longer put in an appearance and I am left with a stock of hedgehog food.

If you have hedgehogs and would like to feed them call in at Tithe Barn.  First come first served – no charge.


Graham Williams

PC 2017-18 Accounting Statement

Our PC file an Annual return, entitled “Certificate of Exemption” in which they confirm the veracity of their Procedures, Policies and Practices.

In addition the Statement also provides details of the PC’s Income & Expenditure. The information for 2017-18 is as follows:

Annual Gross Income 2017-18 £4,995
Annual Gross Expenditure 2017-18 (£3,646)
31 March
31 March
Balance Brought Forward  £797  £2,129
Precept received  £3,630  £3,995
Other Receipts  £460  £1,000
Staff Costs (£1,250) (£1,344)
Loan Interest/Repayments
Other Payments (£1,508) (£2,302)
Balance Carried Forward  £2,129  £3,478
Total Cash & Investments  £2,129  £3,478
Total Fixed Assets & Investment  £2,250  £2,443


John Keegan

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