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Shock Resignations

Last nights Annual Meeting of Whittington Parish Council witnessed a momentous change.

I will, shortly, report in depth on the proceedings; however the headline news is that after very many years as Chairman of the Parish Council, Eric Pelter stood down as Chairman, with immediate effect.

He has also resigned as a Parish Councillor.  As a consequence the Parish Council are now looking for a younger person from our community who is prepared to consider the role of Parish Councillor.

Eric’s role as Chairman has been taken by Colin Hall, with Stewart Close as his Vice Chairman.

Undertakings were also given by  Barbara Atkins and Stuart Close, to resign as Parish Councils in a planned manner, in order that the Council can endeavour to find a younger generation of Councillors to represent the electorate.

With the recent retirement of Ted Lawson, and his being replaced by Malcolm Fell (also a Newton resident like Ted) the process of bringing in fresh blood has already begun.

John Keegan

1920’s Kirkby

The filming of “The Voyages of Dr. Doolittle” are spawning masses of photo’s, on Facebook.  The following image,  posted by Damian Atkins, Manager of The Royal Hotel, has impressed me as producing a particularly atmospheric reflection of that period.

No, you can’t leave your house at the moment!

Dr. Doolittle

For those of you who want to know what is happening, and when here is the Schedule for the filming of the Universal Studios film, The Voyage of Dr. Doolittle, in Kirkby Lonsdale.This is a Hollywood (Universal Studios) film staring Robert Downey Jr as Dr. Doolittle, and Antomio Banderas as Rassouli .

The film has a large animation element, which includes a full size wooden giraffe as a stand in, in Kirkby Lonsdale.

The cast of voices for the animal animations is quite impressive.  I am sure that the film, when it is released in 2019 will have us all flocking to the Royal Barn to see the premier in Kirkby Lonsdale ( it could be on for weeks!!)

John Keegan

Kirkby Market

For those intending to go to Market Day in Kirkby on Thursday of this week, it will be held in the New Road, No. 2, car park because of the filming of the Voyage of Dr. Doolittle.

This is how the market square looked today.  (Photo’s courtesy of Kirkby Lonsdale Charter Market).

Please remember that the vast majority of the town is open as usual with a park and ride scheme in  operation from the Rugby Club to assist visitors.

For Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of this week all buses arrive and leave from the bus stop at Booths, and do not pass through the Market Square.

I understand that on Wednesday they will be filming a horse chase up Jingling lane, through the Swine Market and passed Ruskin’s View.  A typical Kirkby Wednesday then, but regrettably no Morris Dancers.

John Keegan

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