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Photo Archive – New!!

Gerald Hodgson recently gave me access to a plethora of photographs of Whittington and the surrounding area, taken by the Rev. John Hodgkin. Most of these are images we have never seen before on the Whittington Website.

After many weeks of resizing and enhancing the images I have now been able to add them to the Whittington Village Website. The images can be accessed by using the “History” Tab from the pulldown Menu at the top of the Website Homepage, which is at: whittingtonvillage.org.uk/index.html then selecting “Photo Archive”

The photo’s are in six groups: The first being the The Around Whittington Archive, followed by: The Motorcycle Archive; The Archive of Old Lancaster; The People in Places Archive; The Postcard Archive and finally The Old Rectory Archive.

We are fortunate that the Reverend John Hodgkin was such a keen photographer. Very few villages will have a record of life at the turn of the century (19th to 20th) that we are fortunate to possess.  We are equally indebted to Gerald Hodgson and his compatriots in the Whittington Historical Society for the effort that they put in to copying the original full plate glass slides to digital images, so that they could be viewed by future generations.

Finally, if anyone would like specific information about one (or many more) individual images please simply post the Title of the image, with the number, as a Comment (from the head of this posting). I am confident that Gerald can be persuaded to add interesting details.

John Keegan

Charitable Donation!

I have received the following text from Duncan, in Spain:

“FOR SALE To highest bidder – One Hi Vis Vest bearing the legend [Lift Please – No buses] all proceeds to charity.”

I am going to propose that it is acquired, for the Nation, by our Parish Council and paraded around all the schools in Whittington so the young students can gain inspiration from the achievements of a local ear ole Hero.

John Keegan

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