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Gerald’s Dec-Jan Blog

The new church central heating is finally up and running, a whole lot of thanks must go to John Pinch and his group of volunteers. Over the last few months I have watched as they dismantled the old oil-fired system, then dug the trench to connect the new boiler to the gas main, after which they updated the radiators in the Church. I am sure all the congregation will want to congratulate them on a job well done.

I hope that the council roadmen will one day find the time and material to come along and repair the deep potholes on Church Street. They are now so deep they could easily damage a car’s suspension or cause an accident.

The Dawson family have recently moved to Welshpool. They will be sadly missed by their friends in the village. They were always willing to support events and organisations. No matter what the situation was, they were always willing to help.

They were the kind of people that all villages need to survive.

We have been reading this week about the repairs needed for the Iron bridge over the River Severn built in 1792 by Abraham Darby – but what you may not know is that the decorative cast iron porch over the front door of the Old Rectory pre-dates the bridge by over fifty years. Should we let them know Whittington was there first?

Happy Christmas everyone.

Gerald Hodgson

Lune Valley Buses

Lancashire County Council have agreed some changes to the bus services, to come into effect on the 11 December 2017.

Unfortunately these do not include services in the Lune Valley.

On the brighter side the council announce that there will be further changes implemented on 12 February 2018.  They have also said:

“Lancaster – Lune Valley – Kirkby Lonsdale
Lancashire County Council is continuing to work with bus operators to develop a sustainable option to restore a daytime service link for Gressingham, Arkholme & Whittington and the Lune Valley as a whole.”

Hopefully our Christmas present will merely be delayed until early 2018.  Lets hope so any way.

The full details are available at: This Link.

John Keegan

Gerry Hoggarth

Five years ago, David Mantle, living in Manchester searched the internet for the name Gerry Hoggarth, with whom he had spent some time in hospital.

Gerry Hogarth with Programme for Garfield Match

He learned that Gerry (who I am given to believe is quite a gregarious individual) hailed from Whittington.  Following an Internet search David came across our website and sent an email.

As always, in such matters, I winged the email on its way to the eternal font of local wisdom, Gerald Hodgson.

In June 2012, as a result of David’s email Gerald penned 340 words plus spaces (Gerald is never mean with his prose) following a visit he made to Gerry and his wife Vera.

Gerry Hoggarth – Iron Man of the Lakes

David has contacted us again advising that Gerry is now in St. Wilfred’s retirement home in Halton, Vera being in a similar establishment in Slyne.

Have communicated this information to Gerald I learned from him that Gordon Woodward is also housed at St. Wilfred’s.

Gerry was hailed as the Iron Man of the Lakes and you can still read Gerald’s original June 2012 article at this link.

The Internet is a wonderful source of things to look at when there is little on the TV.  The result of which is that I have dug up the following photo of the said Champion Wrestler at Blackpool Pontins, in 1962. There where obviously some perks to be a World Famous Wrestler. 

John Keegan

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