Bus for Lancaster Grammar

This is an exchange of Tweets between Stagecoach and myself, regarding the bus service to and from Lancaster Grammar and Lancaster Girls Grammar:

From: John Keegan   @johnatloynepark
To: Stagecoach Cumbria & North Lancashire. @StagecoachCNL – You plan to provide one 81A bus a day from QES School Kirkby. What about the 7:35 Whittington for Lancaster Grammar?

From: Stagecoach Cumbria & North Lancashire. @StagecoachCNL
To: John Keegan   @johnatloynepark – The 0735 service from Whittington will no longer operate.

81 Lancaster – Kirkby Lonsdale

Stagecoach Cumbria and North Lancs. has given details to the Lancaster District Bus Users’ Group of its planned service revisions, that will take effect on 3rd April 2016. There are large-scale reductions to timetables with some services disappearing altogether following Lancashire County Council’s decision to cease all subsidies for local bus services.
81  Lancaster – Kirkby Lonsdale
Buses will run every two hours via Hornby, Melling and Tunstall (i.e. not serving Wray or Wennington, which are served by service 80). The only buses via Gressingham and Whittington will be those serving QE School in Kirkby Lonsdale.
There will be no evening or Sunday service. Last bus from Lancaster will be at 1730 and from Kirkby Lonsdale at 1715.

Lancs Police & Crime Commissioner

To the Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner.

Dear Mr, Grunshaw.

In the last five years the increase in the amount people in Whittington pay to Lancashire County Council and Lancashire Fire Authority has increased, in both instances, by 2%.

Over the same period the amount we pay to the Police & Crime Commissioner has increased by 9%.

When this period began our village was a partner in PACT, Police and Community Together, the result of which was that we had regular visits, by either a Police Officer or a PCSO, to the weekly Pensioners Lunches, the Village Hall Car park every month on the same day as the Library Van, and periodically on the first Wednesday of every month to the Village monthly Coffee Morning.

In addition a representative from the Police used to attend the bi-monthly Parish Council meetings.

All these have stopped. Now we get a periodic drive through by a patrol car, which doesn’t stop and speak with anyone. When we have a burglary, as happened in Loyne Park a year or so ago, the police turned up two weeks after the event.

My questions are – Why are we paying disproportionately more for less, verging on nothing at all and, is this just another example of how the rural community is to be treated by County Authorities?


Happy new year everyone.

I am sure the weather will improve eventually. I can never remember so much heavy rain and so many floods and so much damage that we have seen in the last month. I suppose we will just have to admit that our present lifestyle has caused a lot of the trouble – but which one of us is willing to give up the comfortable life we now live? I for one would be lost without my car and the central heating and other modern conveniences. I just do not know what the answer is.

We really enjoyed the Church carol service, singing all the old carols we remembered learning at school. Once again the Church was beautifully decorated the flower arrangements were again quite artistic and so lovely to look at, and the mulled wine and nibbles just completed the night. The service just got our Christmas off to a lovely start, thank you.

The snow has finally arrived. They had to cancel the annual charity dance on Saturday because the road conditions were too dangerous for people to travel, so it will have to be arranged later in the year. The next dance at Whittington is on Saturday 6 February, when Dennis Westmorland will be back playing for the Lupton Church dance.

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