The Price of Fame

Duncan’s first Christmas card of the season has arrived, from Christine Costello of Wells in Somerset.  Christine heard him being interviewed by John Humphrey on Saturday.  She put a comment on the Blog, and sent the card.

postcard-001aIt’s a good job that our local Postie’s know everyone.  But there again, Duncan is becoming famous.

postcard-003aIt is rewarding when your efforts are appreciated.



Whilst Duncan Foster and I, with others,  were sat in Avanti, enjoying a convivial “swift half”, Duncan received a call on his mobile , from the BBC.

John Humphries, of BBC Radio Four fame, would like to interview him in the morning.

Apparently, the program  will be broadcast at7:20 on Saturday morning the 12 November.

Duncan is being picked up by taxi so that he is in the BBC Local Radio studio in Kendal for the program, on time.



A couple of days ago a leaflet popped through our letterbox.  It was a recruitment poster for the Highwayman in Burrow.  The leaflet is below, and as you can see it covers a considerable range of job opportunities. Click on the image to see a larger version.

The Highwayman

It is very unusual to have a leaflet of this nature pushed through the letterbox.  I am not sure why the Highwayman finds it necessary to recruit in this way, in addition to the opportunities advertised on their website at The Highwayman Recruitment.

Is it because there is a shortage of people to fill roles in the entertainment industry?

Or is the reduction from 9 buses a day from Kirkby to Burrow (also carrying passengers from Gressingham, Arkholme and Whittington) to 7 a day (carrying no prospective employees, or diners, from our side of the valley)?

Also, there are no buses on Sundays, which must be one of their busiest days.

The only people that appear to use the bus between Kirkby and Burrow seem to be Highwayman staff.

It is quite possible that there has been a surge in business at the Highwayman, but every time we have enjoyed their hospitality they have been very busy.

It would be interesting to know.


Patients having medical appointments, at their Dr’s. surgery, Westmorland General or RLI etc.  can take advantage of the Volunteer Driver Service provided through John Preston (and his good lady Deborah).

John has a number of drivers who have volunteered to convey people to their appointments, at a cost of 45p per mile.

The mileage is measured from the drivers’ home to the patients’ home then on to the appointment, and back to the drivers’ home.  As a guide.  A trip from the Kirkby area to RLI and back is likely to cost in the order of £18.

The driver is prepared to wait for up to one hour before starting the return journey.

John puts the patient and the driver in touch with each other and they arrange the details of the trip, including any likely wait for the return to commence.

To make use of this service contact John Preston on 07788 522511.

If you use the service please let bloggers know of your experience.

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