B4RN – watch those fibres.

A message from B4RN
Now is the time for everyone who have subscribed to a B4RN connection to draw a little map of where the duct enters their property, and leave it in a ‘safe place’.  People move away and new families move in, and they need to know where it is so they don’t dig it up.

We have had a couple of instances lately where the duct has been cut in gardens. The duct can be mended, and the fibre re-blown, but it is much better not to cut it in the first place. A simple diagram will do, and it can be left with the deeds of the property. B4RN keeps records of all the main cores in the fields, and so do the farmers and landowners, but sometimes the actual location of the customer ducts have not been reported back to us. If you would like us to hold your record please send it to our way leave manager, b.ashworth@b4rn.org.uk – or just keep it yourself for if you sell your house, and make sure the next person knows where it is. Many thanks!

B4RN is the local community owned, volunteer led fibre optic broadband network supplying  hyper fast broadband to homes and businesses throughout the valley and beyond – 01524 555887 www.b4m.org.uk.

NOTE:  Having a map of the location of fibres will not prevent you cutting them.  The sensible thing is to route, and bury the cables as deeply, as a professional service provider, like BT, would. Editor.


Best wishes for a speedy recovery to Allan Airey of Gressingham who at the time of writing is in hospital in Lancaster. Allan a keen bell ringer has been ringing church bells up and down the Lune Valley for almost forty years. Hurry up back, Allan – Sunday morning is not the same

Dennis Westmorland is back playing his very own Lakeland style of music for dancing in Whittington Village Hall on Saturday 3 September at 8pm in aid of Lupton Church. The entertainment is first class even if you don’t dance.

The positioning of the road signs warning of the traffic lights at Sellet Mill leave a lot to be desired. Three of them are placed on the apex of a corner in the road and are causing more of a hazard than the actual road works. Do the people who position them not realise the danger they are causing motorists?

You hardly realise it is the school holidays – there are no children around. Have they lost the ability to play? When we were their age we were helping in the hay field, playing cricket, swimming in the river, going for walks and exploring the countryside.
It was a wonderful time – not much money, we never went away on holiday, but at least we were never bored and could always find ways of enjoying the summer break.

Sarah Pettifor enjoyed her summer holidays by appearing, with her mother Anne, on the popular BBC programme “Pointless”. It is nice to be able to report that they did better in their ultimate appearance than they did in the penultimate one. Ed.

Whittington Farm Development

The next meeting of the Lancaster City Council Planning Committee is on Mon 19 September at 10:30, in Lancaster Town Hall.

The expected list of attendees can be viewed at: Attendance

This would be the next opportunity for a decision to be announced on the Outline Planning Application 16/00397/OUT in respect of 18 dwellings and the conversion of a barn, to a mixed used Dwelling and Shop/Tea Room.

To view the details of the Application visit: Application details.  To see all the documents in the Application click on the “Related Documents” Tab and then click on the link “View Associated Documents”.  At todays date there are three pages and a total of 70 documents, including all the plans. Note: You can make a comment on the Application by clicking on the “Make a comment” link.

Villagers will be aware that Rural Solutions, on behalf of Whittington Farm, supplied a questionnaire to all properties in the village.

Out of a Parish of 150 properties only 31 bothered to complete and returned the form.  Of those only five households indicated a need to move, either now or within the next five years.  Only two of these were likely to need affordable housing, the others already owned mortgage free properties.  The report on this survey, by the Housing Strategy Officer, Planning and Housing Policy Team. Can be viewed on this blog in full by using this link : Housing Policy Team.

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