Loyn Bridge re-opens

The bridge is finally open.  A County Council representative reports

“We still have work to do in the river to create the best conditions for the. In doing so we also need to undertake some work to protect the North East bank to stabilise it, but our work will be focused on the protection.

It is worth noting that there may be localised delays during the ensuing period as we receive deliveries and plant to the site but the road will be open. Apologies for delays but not everything has been within our control”

Parish Council Message

Stagecoach Bus Service to Arkholme, Gressingham and Whittington

As a consequence of the removal of bus subsidies by Lancashire County Council there will be no buses through the Parishes, other than school services, with effect from the beginning of April.

There have been discussions between representatives of the three Parish Councils in an attempt to get this decision reversed, but sadly these have failed.

The parishes have also considered the option of running some form of jointly subsidised transport to serve the villages.

For such a service to be operated there would need to be a formal agreement between the parishes about the how it would be managed and funded.

Any funding would have to come from the Parish Precept portion of your Council Tax. Unfortunately, by the time the County Council and Stagecoach had reached the decision to abandon the service the Precept had already been set for the year 2016/17.

This means that even if we reach an agreement nothing could be implemented before April of next year.

Because of the potential costs involved, it is recognised that residents would need to be fully informed about the cost implications of any proposal so that their opinions could be taken into account before a final decision was reached.

Councillor Colin Hall
On behalf of Whittington Parish Council


The rooks are busy building their nests, the hedges are just showing green shoots, and the daffodils have started flowering. Still some snow on Ingleborough – but what a lovely time of the year. Keep watching for the first swallows, they should be here before too long.

My old school friend John Mackereth passed on last month. John was the third generation of the Mackereth family to have farmed Gowan Hall farm. The large attendance at his funeral just showed how well thought of he was in the local community. He and his wife Florence were loyal supporters at many local events, and we always had a long chat whenever we met. We always had so many memories of our younger days to talk about. Our good wishes go to Florence and her family.

The annual Charity Dance held on 5 March 5 raised £1,290 which will be divided between Macmillan Nurses, Cancer Care, and Saint John’s Hospice.

Well done the litter pickers – the roads look a lot tidier. What a pity people still throw litter out of their cars instead of taking it home.

If you want a good laugh go to the village web site (whittingtonvillage.org.uk), click on history, then the Hodgson Archives. Read about the court case over a duck, the feud between two blacksmiths over who makes the best plough, and the life and times of the good ship Whittington, owned by Mr Greene of Whittington Hall, built at Glasson Dock, and lost without trace between America and Ireland; also the tragic death of a young blacksmith who died when a horse he was shoeing kicked him in his chest.

I will continue my memories of Arkholme next month.


A re-cycling tale

We've bin here before!
We’ve bin here before!

Would it be inconsiderate to suggest that the concept of re-cycling appears to be re-cycling itself?  When we moved to Whittington 15 years ago we had two, old fashioned, dustbins (we still have them, empty, in the garage).

We were then presented with a grey wheelie bin. To this was added a green wheelie bin, then sometime later came two green boxes and one black box with a red lid.

Last of all came a grey food caddy.

We have now been told to stop re-cycling food waste and to put it in the black wheelie bin, as we used to.  Also to stop using the food caddy and black box with it’s glorious red lid, and use only the two green ones.

My question is – when are they going to re-cycle the unused boxes, because they are piling up in our garage.

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