Whittington Farm Development

There was a public meeting in the Village Hall on Friday (16 Oct) to learn details of the proposed development by Rural Solutions for 19 dwellings on land forming part of Whittington Farm.

It is planned to post details relating to this on our Blog, as soon as possible.  In the meantime I understand that about 20 people turned up.

This is how Rural Solutions Limited describe themselves on their website.

“Rural Solutions is a nationwide planning and development company.  We pride ourselves on using an ‘entrepreneurial’ approach to diversification, whilst assisting our clients to optimise the value potential of their property and land holdings. With a highly skilled team of expert professionals, we are well equipped to deal with all your planning and development requirements, either taking on all aspects of the project with our ‘Concept to Completion’ approach or undertaking specific elements.”

Gerald’s October Blog

Whatever has happened to the contractors who cut our road side verges? They seem to have got as far as Sunnybank and then given up. I hope if they ever reach Whittington they do not mow through the two parish seats that are now hidden by the long grass. Perhaps someone should make a point of letting them know they are there.

What a colourful show the village front gardens, hanging baskets and tubs have been this year, a tribute to all the dedication and hard work that has been put into them.

The swallows are once again forming flocks ready for their long journey south. Year on year there are fewer birds, and once again there seem to be fewer varieties visiting my garden. No flycatchers or willow warmers in the Churchyard this time – whatever is happening to our lovely song birds?

There are so many sad pictures of migrants on the news. We would all like to help them but the numbers are so enormous. How can any country come to terms with such large numbers of people? Even the clever European Politicians don’t seem to have an answer. Whatever will happen to all these people when winter comes? Surety some shelter will have to be found for them somewhere.

Gerald Hodgson

Gerald’s September Blog

Seventy years ago as an almost 10 year old at Arkholme School I recall the great relief and celebrations when the war against Japan ended. We all thought that was the end of wars but it was not to be and countries are still fighting over disputed territory all over the world. What a pity the United Nations organisation isn’t capable or strong enough to put a stop to all these conflicts.

I am told that the planning application for the Solar Energy Farm on Sadler Nook Lane has been submitted to the City Council Planning Department, I understand that Whittington, Hutton Roof and Kirkby Lonsdale Parish Councils have been offered money if the plans are passed. At the moment the offer is verbal rather than in writing so the amount may not be guaranteed, if there are any objections to this planning appilcation they must be at the Planning Office well before the end of August.

Dennis Westmorland is back playing his special brand of Lakeland music on Saturday 5 September in Whittington Village Hall on behalf of Lupton Church, ft will be a great night of music and song plus a very tasty supper during the interval.

Gerald Hodgson

Gerald’s Jul-Aug Blog

The Church heritage service was very successful once again. The flower arrangements were beautifully done – they really are a credit to the ladies who do them. The readings and poetry were well chosen and presented, and the collection of Church documents on display were very interesting – that table was busy all afternoon. Once again the food was delicious and the wine finished the afternoon nicely. Many thanks to the people who organised the service I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I am often asked the dates when our village was connected to the main services. Electricity came to the village in 1934/35, when Lancaster city Council built a coalfired power station near the Aqueduct Bridge, in Lancaster. Docker had to wait until 1949 for their supply when a cable was laid across the fields from the substation at Storrs Hall heading towards Craven View and Snab Green.

Water came in 1938 when the villages in the Lune Valley were connected to the Thirlmere pipe line at Capernwray. Mains water was a great relief to lots of families – not much fun going to the well or pump on a cold dark night.

Mains sewerage came to Whittington in 1969. That was the end of quite a few small dark privies at the bottom of the garden – not a pleasant job for the local dustbin men whose job it was to clean them out. The road through the village was also widened at this time.

Whittington was connected to mains gas in 1986 – even though a gas pipe had come through the village in 1955 when all the small local gas works were shut down and a large new gas works was built at Morecambe. This was later made redundant when North Sea gas came on stream – and now it is broadband that we are getting connected to. I just cannot think of what else will come in the next fifty years.

Gerald Hodgson

The Village Blog