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Those of you who are avid followers of this Blog, and the doings of our Parish Council, will no doubt recall my message to the PC, on the 18 September, followed up on this Blog on the 20th October.

The fact is I have received no response to my queries, despite the Chairman of the Parish Council coming round and sitting on my settee.

Having been contacted by a number of people (enquiring as to the response I have received) I have sent the following email to the Clerk to the PC.  Feel free to email her yourselves if you feel so inclined.

From: Whittington Village []
Sent: 22 October 2016 17:19
To: ‘Gill Hodgson’
Cc: ‘Simon And Caroline’; Barbara Atkinson; Colin Hall Whittington PC; Eric Pelter (;; stuart close
Subject: My email of

“Dear Gillian,

I would refer to my email of the 18th September.

In respect of item 5).  It has been explained to me, by Eric, Barbara and Simon Raistrick, (Village Hall Trustee) that the Trustees of the Village Hall Trust have made erroneous Annual Returns to the Charity Commission throughout the whole of this century. I accept the explanation that this was done in error and was not in any way fraudulently. As a result I accept that they do not have a Bank Balance exceeding £20,000.  However my remarks regarding declarations of interest still pertain.

However, this single matter apart. I am still awaiting a response from the Parish Council.   I am pursuing this because of the number of people who have enquired as to whether or not I have received a response from the PC, and if so why I have not made it available on the Village Blog etc.

As far as item 8). is concerned.  Eric has explained to me why procedures were changed, primarily as a result of lack of attendance at the Annual Assembly.  My view is that the PC have an obligation to encourage attendance, not to subvert the procedures, which are a legal requirement.

You confirmation of receipt of communications would be appreciated.

John Keegan – Whittington Website.

Gazette & Guardian

Over the last three weeks Duncan Foster has managed to maintain the publicity for the plight of bus users in Whittington.  Single handedly he has achieved more impact on the conscience of the County Council, on this subject, than anyone else.

The article about our plight, in this weeks Westmorland Gazette is the subject of the cartoon on the front page.  The article itself is excellent.


However Duncan’s exposure in the Westmorland Gazette is eclipsed by his latest foray into the national press, to whit, The Guardian, Saturday 22 October.  The fact that the articled was penned by Helen Pidd, a Hest Bank girl, adds even greater piquancy to it.

Duncan Foster and the Small Screen

Duncan has upped his game.  He has now appeared on BBC Northwest Tonight and Granada Reports.  Here is the BBC offering:

Oh! – And he has started getting other peoples kitchens involved.

And here is the Granada Reports offering:

And he has dragged my wife into the Kitchen now!

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