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Village Hall Rules

Under the “Schedule” to the 1994 “Rules for the Whittington Village Hall”, the following organisations are each entitled to appoint one Trustee, each year, to the Management Committee:

Whittington Parish Council
Whittington PCC
Whittington Youth and Sports Club
Whittington Parish Festivities.

The first two we know.

The third is believed to be defunct, but there is still a mystery surrounding the remaining funds and title to the property that was the Children’s Playground, a matter that our Parish Fathers have shovelled under the carpet over recent years.  In fact I have recently returned, to the Village Hall Committee, a five mike input amplifier, which I am told, is/was the property of the Youth & Sports Club,  having stored it at out house since the Village Hall renovations began.

However – “Whittington Parish Festivities.”  Now that is a new one on me.  Obviously it existed in 1994, but does anyone know, either what it was or what happened to it?

It is something in which the Village is currently in very short supply.

Interestingly when the Village Hall Committee decided to throw Gerald (he of musings fame) off the Committee they discovered that they couldn’t because he had been appointed by the Parish Council, and not elected at the Village Hall AGM.  They had to wait until the next AGM before they could dispense with, what is reputed to have been, their most productive member.  It seems he had upset a fellow member.

Fortunately Gerald is still organising regular dances in the Village Hall, even if the benefits no longer accrue to us, merely hourly rental fees.


My wife, Maureen, is massively Halloween friendly.  Any kid who knocks on our door, with even a pretence of a Halloween costume, will get a gift of sweets.

We have lived in this village for 15 years, all the kids seem to know that Maureen is Halloween friendly. Kids who were borne 16 years ago are now bringing their kids to our house on Halloween.

Today 16 kids visited our house.  It is likely that not all of them came from Whittington.

When the Village Hall Committee decided to ban children’s events from it’s schedule are they in touch with the needs of the community? Or merely out of touch?

Return to Sanity

The “Sage of Rural Transport” – Duncan Foster – and I have been working on suggested revisions to the current 81 Bus Timetable between Lancaster and Kirkby Lonsdale.  The results of this work are available from this link,  to either browse on line or download in PDF format.

Page 1 is the current timetable between Kirkby Lonsdale and Lancaster.

Page 2 are the changes we suggest, to redirect two buses along the opposite bank of the Lune thus providing a service to Whittington, Arkholme and Gressingham (then onwards to Hornby and Lancaster) twice a day.

Page 3 is the current Lancaster to Kirkby timetable and Page 4 the suggested changes to this route, providing four buses a day to Kirkby Lonsdale (and onwards to Lancaster if desired).

It is safe to say that these changes would have no cost effect.  In fact, as the Tunstall, Burrow, Melling route picks up fewer passengers (outside of school/work schedules) than the route up the opposite side of the valley this should bring in additional revenue.

Finally.  The last page indicates changes which will incur a cost penalty.

To start with we suggest a late night service on Friday and Saturday.

The existing bus from Lancaster (which leaves at 18:40) does not go beyond Hornby, unless a passenger requests that it does so.  We suggest that it is timetabled to continue to Kirkby.  Having reached Kirkby this same bus would return, taking passengers, from Kirkby etc.  for a night out in Lancaster.

Then we suggest that, what was, the “last bus” the 22:15 from Lancaster be re-introduced (on Friday and Saturday only) this would then return to Lancaster, leaving Kirkby at 23:15 providing safe passage home for late night revellers.  This service was always a revenue earner.

We have gone on to propose four services every Sunday.  These would need financial support.  People who do not drive cannot attend religious services, other than C of E, in the Valley.  In addition the special event weekends, in both Lancaster and Kirkby Lonsdale, are outside the reach of anyone who does not have a car.

In such a beautiful part of the world, it is sad that people who do not have access to a vehicle are prohibited from enjoying their own immediate environment, whilst those living in conurbations not only pay lower rates of council tax but can also practically walk to a cornucopia of enjoyment.

The balance must be redressed.

cornucopiajpgAnyone who can relate the image above to the text of the Post preceding can request a copy of the Proposed Timetable, personally signed by Duncan Foster.

Bus Passenger Survey

We are grateful to City Councillor Peter Williamson (an Arkholme resident) for providing to us the results of the Bus Passenger Survey, carried out in Nov/Dec 2015.  This information will be invaluable in helping us to trim our suggestions for returning some form of service to our side of the Lune Valley.

The data which Peter provided is very comprehensive (it runs to seven pages) however, don’t panic, I have analysed it and managed to produce the following more comprehensible tables.

Firstly, the Frequency of use, either side of the valley:

survey-01Secondly, the Reason for using the service:

survey-02And Finally, the Service used:

survey-03At this point I will draw only one conclusion, and that is: It is a fact that people on our side of the valley have boosted the use of the 81B, up the Melling side, by using the 81A to Kirkby and staying on it when it becomes the 81B continuing up the other side of the valley to Lancaster (and vice versa).

Please use these pages to add your comments, and let us have your views.

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