Parish Assembly 2019

The one occasion that Parishioners have to stamp their influence on the proceedings ot the Parish Council for the coming year, is the Annual Parish Assemmbly.

This year the Assembly is being held at 7:00 pm on Monday next, the 15th of April, in the Village Hall.

Colin Hall, Chairman of the PC, will be giving his annual report for the past year. In many respects the year has been quite momentous. There have been significant structural changes and we all wait, in eager anticipation, to see if these changes have an impact on the effect that the PC has upon our daily lives.

I, for one, hope that they do.

The Annual Assembly is an important event. Althought there may (or may not) be anagenda items for the evening, every Parishioner has the right to not ony participate in the debate, but to introduce items of interest to themselves, whether or not they are on the agenda,

The current, burning, issue, which has been smouldering for a number of years, is the sensistive subject of speeding through the village.

I would appeal to Partishioners, whether they take an active interest in village life or not, to come to this Assembly and give vent to theriviews. – I can assure you that new comers are not only welcome but actively encouraged.

On a supporting note, can I inform you all that light refreshments will be available and our esteemed Chairman, is appealing to volunteers to open the bar (on conclusion of events) an event, if volunteers are available, will allow vocal intercourse to continue in an unrelating manner.

Please join us. This only happens once a year and is an exceptiional village process.

John Keegan


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