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I sometimes think that the question of communication must be the hardest concept to grasp because everyone has a full understanding of what is meant by the word and assumes that everyone else has the same understanding!

Communication within our parish is, to say the least, fragmented and sporadic.

John maintains this website and there is the official village website maintained by Jim Williams but as we have no knowledge of which households view these sites they can hardly be described as an effective method of communication.

This is no reflection on the people who maintain the websites, they can only display what they receive and as the “Events” section of Jim’s website shows either the Village Hall is totally inactive or the people who run or use the Village Hall see no advantage in using his website to publicise their activities.

There can be no understanding of how much the community makes use of the two websites unless readers indicate that they have visited a site by leaving a simple comment.  I believe that there is reluctance from some residents to let it be known that they make use of the sites, perhaps John and Jim can devise a way for readers to communicate anonymously.

Graham Williams

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  1. The Blog gets a minimum of 13, unique, visits and a maximum of 27 unique visits every day. “New” visitors, i.e people who have never visited before, rarely exceed 5 in any particular day. I can’t say how many of these ”New” visitors can be accounted for by Spam but span now peaks at about 6 every week. It used to be 20 to 30 a week.

    I do not track exactly who visits (by IP address) because of the cost (and the lack of value in the info).

    What I do know, as a result of people speaking, emailing or phoning, me is that there are quite a few who visit the site every day but have never interacted with it themselves.

    It seems that people prefer to use the Blog to moan rather than to praise. You’ll remember that the public meeting on the subject, held in the VH, came about because of the number of complaints about the PC and VH Committee that had appeared on the Blog. Of course, the number of complaints was exaggerated because nobody (with a couple of exceptions), was using the Blog to support either organisation.

    Currently, there are 7 people registered to post original Posts to the Blog. However many of those email me with their observations so that I can post them on their behalf. I accept that this is a more convenient way for many people.

    Many more people, however, submit comments, because Comments are easier than Posts, especially using Tablets and Smartphones. I know 4 people who check the blog three or four times a day, from their smartphones. Three of those people have never submitted anything to the Blog.

    On the other hand, I am surprised how many people have told me that they never read Wagtail, despite it being pushed through their letterbox. There’s nowt as queer as folk!

    Finally. I would mention that Whittington Village Hall has a Group Page on Facebook. The Group has 16 members and 8 posts through the whole of 2018, the last being in October and referring to the Children’s Christmas Party to be held on the 16 December in the Village Hall. An indicator of how badly fractured communications are in the Village is the fact that this event hasn’t been advised to Jim, for inclusion in his Events, and the VH is supposed to be one of the three beneficiaries of the PC, PCC, VH Website. Two people are responsible for all the posts in 2018

    I know that communications, or the lack of them, is one of your campaigning planks, Graham, but just how enthusiasms are generated is beyond me.

    John Keegan

  2. The PC website isn’t set up to allow users to comment – John’s blog already does a great job of that. However, I’ve set up a ‘Like’ button for posts so readers can anonymously ‘Like’ a post; if they wish.

    John’s blog is a bit more popular than the PC website which has had an average of 9 visitors per day for 2018, with a maximum of 13 in July and a minimum of 5 so far for December.


    Please be vigilant, lock your cars and doors. In the early hours of Monday morning about 0340 I was woken by our two dogs barking, they had been woken by noises outside our property. As I finally got the dogs to stop barking I heard a car engine starting…. thinking it was someone stealing one of ours we rushed to the window to see a flat back vehicle drive slowly up the road and stop outside Winlea. I kept watch as Mr R started to get dressed. A male (and it was) dressed in dark clothing with a torch returning from the direction of Winlea got in it and drove off. W e couldn’t get the Vrm details. We have checked the properties best we could and all seems in order. Circumstances like these can if necessary be reported to the Parish Council or to the Police using 101. If you do suspect someone is unlawfully in a premises then do not challenge them alone phone 999.
    Misses R

  4. John
    Can you please publish the above separately. The police have been informed and did some house to house along Main Street, but no further information gleaned. We are awaiting leaflets to do a drop through the Village.

    1. Certainly Caroline. I must apologise, because I had intended to do so at the beginning of the week and, somehow, got sidetracked.
      John Keegan

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