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Stagecoach Bus Service to Arkholme, Gressingham and Whittington

As a consequence of the removal of bus subsidies by Lancashire County Council there will be no buses through the Parishes, other than school services, with effect from the beginning of April.

There have been discussions between representatives of the three Parish Councils in an attempt to get this decision reversed, but sadly these have failed.

The parishes have also considered the option of running some form of jointly subsidised transport to serve the villages.

For such a service to be operated there would need to be a formal agreement between the parishes about the how it would be managed and funded.

Any funding would have to come from the Parish Precept portion of your Council Tax. Unfortunately, by the time the County Council and Stagecoach had reached the decision to abandon the service the Precept had already been set for the year 2016/17.

This means that even if we reach an agreement nothing could be implemented before April of next year.

Because of the potential costs involved, it is recognised that residents would need to be fully informed about the cost implications of any proposal so that their opinions could be taken into account before a final decision was reached.

Councillor Colin Hall
On behalf of Whittington Parish Council

3 thoughts on “Parish Council Message”

  1. I think that you can discount the concept of our PC having a discussion with any one other that Gressingham and Arkholme PC’s, and them selves. (but I might well be wrong).

    They have done, recently, what they where asked to do last November, but didn’t. Because of that obfuscation the option of a local minibus is not, currently, on the cards.

  2. This evening I have sent the following email to the City Council. I will post any ( constructive) response.

    Dear Sirs,
    Could you please advise how we can obtain the following information.
    1). The date of election of our Parish Councillors (Excluding all those who have been co-opted and never elected) since 2000.
    2). The Annual Accounts (since 2000) of our PC.
    We have had requests for this information on our Village Website, and feel obliged to make it available.

    As to our integrity, please view our record of PC Minutes, since we started recording them in 2004, please see
    Please believe this is a serious request.

    John Keegan – Whittington Village Website

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