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Regetably I have to annouce that it has been decided that the Parish Council Website, set up and adminstered by Jim Williams, should be closed. Jims message about this reads as follows:

Following another year of very limited content and, after communication with Colin Hall, it’s been decided to close the Parish Council website with effect from 20th June 2019.

When it was set up, it was hoped that various groups and members of the community would actively use the site to share information and events. Sadly, that hasn’t happened.

It doesn’t seem reasonable for the Parish Council to continue to pay for the hosting of the site, especially as the majority of the content appears on John’s blog first – working full-time, it’s often difficult for me to add content in a timely manner.

John does an excellent job of keeping the community updated via his blog. It has the benefit of allowing readers to comment and engage in dialogue and I hope more people will do so.

Many thanks to those of you who submitted content for inclusion on the website. And now, over to you John.

Jim Williams

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