PC Chairmans 2018/19 Report


It is incumbent of me as Chairman to now report on the activities of the Parish Council during 2018/ 2019.

First of all the goods news!!

Following the retirement of our past Chairman Eric Pelter and Barbra Atkinson, I am pleased to announce that new members of the Parish Council have been elected and welcome Malcolm Fell, Louise Morgan and Ian Sutherland to our ranks. Can I take this opportunity though to thank both Eric and Barbara for their years of service and confirm that Parish Council will continue to draw upon their past experience and knowledge when needed.

The Defibrillator is now installed and training has been given courtesy of our local First Responder Coordinator. A training session was organised in the Village Hall and attended by well in excess of 40 residents. By the way, should anyone be interested in becoming a First Responder for Whittington do get in touch.

The village railings continue to be painted and special thanks should go to Mike Bar for volunteering to carry out this mammoth task.

The annual litter pick, not incidentally organised by the Parish Council but by local volunteers deserve a special mention and Parish Council continues to lend its support to such activities. I would at this stage like to thank Simon Raistrick for his diligence in emptying the dog bin situated at South Lodge and also taking responsibility for the admin of the defibrillator.

As ever the Village gardening competition was hotly contended and thanks must go to Peter Crane for his time in judging the completion.

A particular bugbear for many residents has been potholes in and around the village and the lack of commitment from the appropriate authorities to deal with this dangerous problem. I am encouraged this week that we have at last received formal correspondence from the Highways Department District Lead Officer apologising for the lack of response and promising improved communication in the future. You will have noticed that Church Street has recently been resurfaced.

Our financial state is quite healthy enabling Parish Council to cap Whittington precept and keep it at last years level.

The Beacon held in November of last year and organised jointly by the Parish Council, Village Hall and the Church was an outstanding success. Over £1,000 was raised for Help the Heroes and involved volunteers too numerous to mention but thanks.

Now the not so good news!!

Parish Council continues to receive residents complaints about traffic management through the village and to date despite our best efforts we have been unable to engage satisfactorily with the proper agencies.

Can I assure everyone that Parish Council will continue to treat this as a priority although we recognise that there is no easy solution to this prevailing problem.

As an aside Peter Williamson, our City Councillor representative is no longer a member of the cabinet and we will have to wait and see if our new representative gives a service as good as Peter did.

We have made very little progress with formulating a Parish Plan despite at least 2 residents offering to assist the Parish Council and for that I apologies Malcolm Fell has agreed to champion this exercise and is in the process of producing a short form to kick-start this project and hopefully create a small working party answerable to Parish Council in order to produce this.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the members of the Parish Council and residents of Whittington in devoting much time and hard work to ensure that the village continues to function to its utmost potential.

Colin Hall – Chairman – Whittington Parish Council

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