Planning Application – Holiday Lodges

A Planning Applications – 17/01166/FUL was lodged in September with Lancaster City Council Planning Department.  It is in respect of seven Holiday Lodges on land off Hosticle Lane, Whittington.  There are links below to key documents and the Application Summary can be viewed at: Planning Application Summary. Please note that all links in this post are in PDF format.

Some of the detail is as follows:

2.1. The site is located to the south of Kirkby Lonsdale and to the north west of Whittington, close to the boundary of Lancaster City Council’ s area with South Lakeland.
2.2. The site itself is to the west of Sellet Hall and an existing access
on Hosticle Lane opposite Sellet Hall goes through trees, around a pond and then leads on to the site.
2.3. The track originally provided access to a number of chicken sheds which lie to the south of the application site, which have been taken down some time ago, but the groundworks that accommodated them are still evident on the site.
2.4. A pre-application enquiry was made to Lancaster City Council for the siting of a number of lodges on the site of the chicken sheds and some
on the opposite side of the field to the east. While recognising to some extent that the site was previously developed land it was considered to be exposed in the landscape and a second round of pre-application advice that took place with the Council suggested that the field to the north of the site may be preferable in landscape terms, it being less exposed and set between trees and high ground.
2.5. In terms of the access, because of the poor nature of the existing access from Hosticle Lane, a new access point is proposed off Saddler Nook Lane that bounds the north of the site. From here a track will access in total 7 lodges that have been carefully sited to avoid the tree canopy of surrounding mature trees on the advice of the  Arboriculturalist.
2.6. The lodges are effectively caravans and would be delivered to the site in two sections. They are of a contemporary design, as can be seen from the submitted plans, and would be finished in a grey metal roof with a cedar cladding. There are considerable elements of glazing to provide a crisp, modern design.

The detailed “Planning Statement” can be viewed at: Planning Statement

Site Layout Plan

There are three individual plans forming the Application.  These are: Site Layout Plan 1, – Site Layout Plan 2 – Site Layout Plan 3.

Application Documents
 The current documents forming the Application are at: Document Search Results.
John Keegan

One thought on “Planning Application – Holiday Lodges”

  1. As was reported at yesterday evenings Parish Council Meeting, there have been a number of objections to this proposed development.

    Mostly objections are on the grounds of the unsuitability of Hosticle Lane, as far as increased vehicular traffic is concerned.

    Additionally whilst the site is described as brownfield a number of objectors explain that this is not the case and the site has been used for grazing and like purposes for very many years.

    Finally. A number of people point out the scenically strategic nature of the site and that the proposed use would run contrary to this local visual amenity.

    John Keegan

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