Prorogue or not prorogue ?

From: Mike Kormanic
To: John Keegan

Hello John,

I don’t know how you feel about the declaration from Boris Johnson re closing Parliament at this critical time in order to fulfil the aims of his niche of the Conservative Party vote.
But I think it is nothing short of criminal!
All this shouting from the battlements about respecting democracy is finally being shown for what is really was, self interest.
Whether or not you voted for Brexit I think is immaterial at this juncture, I think this is a far bigger issue about democracy and voted local representation being allowed to participate in the future of our Country.
I would encourage anyone similarly outraged by the high jacking of our Democracy to lend their voice to the following petition;

I would be grateful if you would post this on the Whittington Blog.

Kind regards

Mike Kormanic

From: John Keegan
To: Mike Kormanic

Hi Mike,

Nice to hear from you.
In fact, I believe that it is a stroke of a masterpiece. Parliament has hung up Brexit for three years because, after deciding to ask the people what they wanted via the referendum, and passing Article 50 which set the wheels in motion and took it largely out of Parliaments hands, they proceeded to renege on the direct (not Parliamentary) democratic decision of the people and tried every foul stroke in the book to  thwart their decision.
Parliament has refused to ratify the Withdrawal Agreement. They have voted for nothing positive, merely against every conceivable option available. They are nothing but “Jobs Worth’s” who are hanging on to their jobs and pay, in the face of public opprobrium.
The Remoaners have complained that BJ has no mandate and that he was not elected as PM. We do not elect Prime Ministers. The ruling Party does that and always have. Boris won by a landslide and has taken the necessary decision to have a Queens Speech, which Theresa May should have done but got herself so snarled up in Brexit that Parliament bypassed conventions, until a PM having the strength of character to knuckle down and get the Nation back on track, came along.
The naysayers have shot themselves in the foot by ignoring the instructions that they asked for, and have refused to implement. However, we now have a Captain at the helm and the ship is back on course.
I say this as a traditional Liberal who was Vice Chairman of the YES campaign, with Willie Whitelaw, in 1975. The EEC (latterly the EU) has been a massive disappointment. We did not vote to become part of a Europe wide Republican movement, we never voted to join the EU, we voted to be part of the Iron & Steel Community the European Free Trade Area and the EEC, but we never voted for Maastricht.
The Japanese have a saying (intended as a put down) “May you live in interesting times” (おもしろい時代に生きてください). Well, they certainly got that right!

Rant over.  All the best.

John Keegan

5 thoughts on “Prorogue or not prorogue ?”

  1. From: Graham Williams
    Sent: 29 August 2019 10:17
    To: John Keegan
    Subject: Leave the EU?

    Good morning John

    I appreciate that you and Maureen may not be in sympathy with the views of the petition, if not I apologise for wasting your time, but if you believe that Doris Johnson is in the same league as Trump in believing that the UK can prosper outside the EU you may be interested in this link:

    Trust that you are both well, all quiet this end of the village


    1. Dear Graham,

      Last week Maureen and I attended our physician in order that she could determine whether or not Mo has the mental capacity to sign a Lasting Power of Attorney.

      During our conversation, the good Dr asked if Maureen knew what she wanted.

      I, truthfully, replied that she wasn’t always sure of what she wanted but, she was always perfectly sure of what she didn’t want.


  2. You are right Graham. I have no sympathy with the perverse Remoaners, who have prevaricated in order to overcome the democratic will of the people, as expressed at the Referendum.

    I am delighted that, at last, we have a PM with the cojones to take this recalcitrant Parliament by the scruff of its neck and begin to get the country back on track.

    The petition is a disgrace. Simply another attempt to reverse the will of the people. It is the petitioners who are attempting to thwart democracy. Proroguing Parliament may not suit their objectives but they have had three years to vote FOR something rather than AGAINST everything.

    John Keegan
    5 Loyne Park
    Lancs LA6 2NL
    Tel: 015242 73052

  3. Hi Mike,

    The community pedant (it’s not me) has asked me to point out that “high jack” is actually spelt “hijack”.

    Can I point out to both your good self, and Pedant #1, that there is a free program called Grammarly which you can download, and which suggests both spelling and grammar irregularities?

    If you are using a PC then the desktop version allows you to copy and paste and suggests corrections in between these two steps.

    I am mentioning this for the benefit of yourself and Pedant #1.

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