Public Phone Box Update

  1. Consultation

Ofcom require BT to notify local councils of their intention to remove a public phone box and suggest that the local council, in our case Lancaster City, should notify the affected Parish Councils who might then raise objections.
I have been advised by the Planning Department that the City Council do not take any action to notify affected parishes.

  1. Information

The Notice inside the phone box is dated 31 August 2016 and gives a 42 day consultation period for objections to be raised with the local council.
The Lancaster Guardian dated 4 November 2016 gives a list of phone boxes which are to be removed, Whittington is buried in the list and is shown as having two phone calls made in 12 months.

  1. Parish Council

It is possible that the Parish Council is aware of the situation and has already made representations to the City Council over a failure to keep then informed.

No doubt we will learn more in due course.

Graham Williams

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