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We need to be aware that the phone box is already scheduled for removal and I am not sure that the PC is aware of the threat or if it is, it is not clear what action they propose to take.

Much of the discussion has been based on the premise that people can use their mobile phone, fine for those that have one and are fortunate enough to be able to get a signal.

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  1. Unfortunately, the photo above is a little indistinct but it was, apparently, posted on the 30/08/16 and provides a consultation period of42 days, so the consultation expired on the 11/10/16.

    I have seen no mention of this in the minutes of the Parish Council meetings, although the PC have neglected to make the November minutes available up to this point in time.

    You will see that Caroline and Simon have offered to circulate a questionnaire as a survey to establish the likely demand to keep this box.

    My thought is that as the box does not take money, only phone cards, there cannot be a big overhead in keeping it, as there is no coin box to empty. I can’t see that there is much to be gained by removing it.

    Maybe of the pub was open the phone box would be used more.

  2. I have spent the morning trying to determine the procedure, it beggars belief

    BT put a notice in the phone box which no-one uses so no-one reads. At the same time BT notify the local planning department who do nothing to inform the people who may be affected.

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