Rural East and North

The County Council Elections in May are introducing some changes.

At the 2013 election Arkholme, Gressingham and Whittington were all in the Lancaster Rural East Division.  We elected Susie Charles.  Our neighbouring Division was Lancaster Rural North, who elected Alyicia James, both representing the Conservative Party.  Alycia James ceased to be a County Councillor in September 2016, the seat is currently vacant.

For the 2017 election there have been boundary changes and Arkholme has been moved to the Rural North Division.  There are other realignments, which I understand have been introduced in order to better balance the electorates.

The Parishes which now make up Lancaster Rural East are as follows: Burrow-with-Burrow; Cantsfield; Caton-with-Littledale; Claughton; Ellel; Halton-with-Aughton; Hornby-with-Farelton; Ireby; Leck; Melling-with–Wrayton; Over-Wyersdale; Quernmore; Roeburndale; Scotforth; Tatham; Tunstall; Wennington; Whittington; Wray-with-Bolton.

And Lancaster Rural North is: Arkholme-with-Cawood; Carnforth; Nether Kellet; Over Kellet; Priest Hutton; Borwick; Silverdale; Warton; Yealand; Conyers; Yealand Redmayne.

4 thoughts on “Rural East and North”

  1. Persons nominated to stand are;
    Charles Susie, CONSERVATIVE, lives Bay Horse
    Jackson Peter, LIB DEM, lives Quernmore
    Whittaker Matthew, LABOUR, lives Warton
    Wright Mike, GREEN, lives Quernmore

    Bunting Tony, LIB DEM, lives Lancaster
    Reynolds John, LABOUR, lives Carnforth
    Sinclair Cait, GREEN, lives Lancaster
    Williamson Phillippa, CONSERVATIVE, lives Arkholme

    Plenty to choose from.

    1. Many thanks Mark. I missed that. I will now circulate a bus email to all of them, looking for a specific commitment to support us. I will report in due course..

  2. With it being County Council election day next Thursday my heart is saying vote Conservative, while my head is considering if any other candidate would have been more proactive around the ‘bus’ issue? Or would it be better to have a Conservative Cllr who will more than likely be a member of the County cabinet when the Conservatives regain control of Lancashire next week.

    Have you had any responses from the local candidates John?

    1. No Mark. I did write to Susie Charles before the County took their decision. Her reply wasn’t particularly helpful.

      All the conservative I contacted at the time said that there was no need for the County to remove the subsidy because they had ample reserves. If they take back control in the forthcomning elections maybe we can encourage them to reflect on what they said earlier and restore the cuts.

      The Guardian are preparing a substantial piece on the subject of bus cuts. A report is visiting us on Thursday.

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