Rural Crime Survey

The following article appeared in the Lancashire Telegraph.  I am grateful to Graham Williams for bringing it to our attentions.

RESIDENTS of Lancashire’s countryside have until a week tomorrow to give their input to a national survey on rural crime.

The county’s Police and Crime Commissioner Clive Grunshaw is urging farmers and town and village residents to ensure their views are heard.

The National Rural Crime Survey at closes at midnight on Sunday June 10.

Previous similar exercises have suggested rural crime is under reported and this year’s survey looks at understanding why this has been the case and how to increase the reporting of crimes in rural areas.

Mr Grunshaw said, “It’s important to me that the voice of Lancashire’s rural communities is heard at the highest levels.

“If you live, work or run a business in the rural areas across our county I hope you’ll take a few minutes to complete the survey and share your views. Every response will help strengthen Lancashire’s voice on this issue.”

Mr Grunshaw added: “Lancashire Police have supported a number of great initiatives in rural areas but this needs to be a national priority.

One thought on “Rural Crime Survey”

  1. I have completed the survey.

    You do not have to have been a victim or experienced an actual crime because the survey includes questions about your opinions on the service we receive.

    John Keegan

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