SpID Update

The Minutes of the PC Meeting held on the 29 March state as follows: “Re-evaluation of Speed Indicator Device due to concerns of residents. Statistics requested from Lancashire County Council from recent traffic volume and/or speed strips (under the Freedom of Information Act). Parish Champion Grant application refused, to re-apply in April 2017.

If the PC read the recent Planning Application for the Dragons Head they would see that seven day speed surveys were carried out at the Village Hall Bus Stop (04/09/2015 to 10/09/2015) and The Old Post Office (26/08/2015 and 02/09/2015).

At the Village Hall, the northbound speed was recorded as 28.6mph and southbound as 29.1mph.

At The Old Post Office, the northbound speed was recorded as 28.3mph and southbound as 29.4mph.

These figures are in line with the report presented to the Parish Council by PC Knowles in Jan 2008 when he reported that the maximum speed recorded during the seven day survey that the Police carried out was 32.8mph and the similar report in Sept 2009 when there were no recorded speeds in excess of 30mph.

This suggests that the “concerns of residents” results from confusing an individual’s perception of speed with actual speed.

It has been stated elsewhere that SpID’s have the effect of confirming to drivers that they are OK continuing at their current speed when they are driving within the legal speed limit when in fact they need to be encouraged to drive at speeds less than the speed limit.

John Keegan

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