Spring is not yet Sprung

According to Alfred Lord Tennyson, “In Spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love”.

Apparently as at today there are still a further 90 days to go to the start of Spring.  However, new born lambs can be seen gambolling in the meadows. A clear precursor to the imminent coming.

Graham Williams has kindly provided us with a few photos which he has taken whilst perambulating around the village.  I would like to share these with you.

Obviously a very caring Mummy Sheep.  She has wrapped her newborn in a clear plastic Danimac.  She is obviously a little sceptical about Graham, but who isn’t?

On the opposite bank of the Lune The fields are alive with sheep.  The Lune itself looks splendid.  For once not in flood, or displaying gravel shoals because of a low water level.  It’s looking exactly as we would want to see it all the time.Obviously attracted by our idyllic river bank a flock of Whooper Swans (Scientific name: Cygnus cygnus) pause during their migration from Iceland, in order to mimic Graham’s perambulations.

Although I haven’t walked along the “Long Walk” between St. Michael’s and South Lodge, I am told that it is clearly benefiting from the introduction, by our Parish Council, of a Poo Bin.  Indeed the photograph above even smells good.This Blog is not the best place to view this panorama stretching from Ingleborough over Leck Fell, to Barbon Low Fell but it exemplifies the stunning scenery with which we have the good fortune to be surrounded.

John Keegan

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