St. Pat’s Day

Yesterday I gave no thought to my Irish heritage.  Today however I came across, by accident, a memory of the 1994 Eurovision Sing Song Test in Dublin.  I still remember how this performance of Riverdance made the hairs stand up on my neck.

Click the image above to watch the original performance.

3 thoughts on “St. Pat’s Day”

  1. I actually hate it Mark. It was my eldest daughter that christened it the Eurovision Sing Song Test.

    In fact some years later I also got to dislike Michael Flattley, he became a pompous prig.

  2. Don’t be shy John, if you ever wish to borrow my Bucks Fizz cd just let me know lol.

    The shame is that Bucks Fizz was the first concert I went to, 1981 at Sheffield City Hall, left me damaged forever.

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