Suggested Bus Changes

After extensive considerations Duncan and I have arrived at suggestions to improve the bus Transport arrangements on our side of the Lune Valley.

We have had to accept that we are unlikely to have any joy pursuing an Evening and Sunday Service, at this time.  To obtain such services we need to find, in the County Councils own words, “Stakeholders” who are prepared to join together with us to implement these ends.  We have decided to form an action group under the title “Lune Bus Action Group” and to seek like minded people and, particularly businesses, who are prepared to join us and lend some form of support.

At this stage therefore we are suggesting changes that will have the minimal cost impact, Monday to Saturday all year round, but will provide us with services additional to those we have at present.

Firstly – Kirkby to Lancaster – we propose the following restructuring:

Proposed Kirkby to Lancaster changes

This proposal enables the 1545 from Kirkby to pass through Whittington every day and not just during term time (as a matter of interest this very evening this bus was full and had 6 standing passengers and another was picked up in Whittington heading to Lancaster).  Melling will lose it’s service out of term time, as we are having to do at the moment.

The following revisions, of the Lancaster to Kirkby schedule do in fact provide for an addition bus from Kirkby to Lancaster through Whittington every day.  This extra service is shown on the following timetable as it is a better explanation of how this change is achieved.

Proposed Lancaster to Kirkby changes

At the moment the 1840 from Lancaster only goes beyond Hornby “On Request” we propose that such requests are not required and that the service continues to Kirkby every day then returns to Lancaster via Whittington, Arkholme etc.

You will also see that we have added a 1445 service from Lancaster to Kirkby via Whittington.  At the moment this bus takes this route but does not stop for passengers. We suggest that it does pick up passengers who could then return to Whittington using the Kirkby Coach Hire service at 1750, giving them some two hours for shopping etc.

The full proposals are available in PDF format by clicking on this link: 81 – Time Table Proposals.

Your comments are welcome and if you would like to join our Action Group please let me know, either on this blog or email me at

I would like to finish by saying that last week Duncan Foster traveled to Whitby, stayed four days, and traveled back, all by public transport.  Duncan should be an example to all of us in his dedication to public transport.

John Keegan


One thought on “Suggested Bus Changes”

  1. The following extract is from “the bay” website at 15:50 yesterday, 14 September:

    Only two bus routes in the Lancaster area are set to benefit from extra funding from Lancashire County Council.

    Service 81 – which connects Lancaster with Hornby and Kirby Lonsdale, and Service 89 – which links Lancaster with Glasson Dock, Pilling and Knott End have been included in today’s announcement.

    The county council says it will also work with bus operators to try to restore a daytime service link for Gressingham, Arkholme and Whittington – and the Lune Valley as a whole.

    Another million pounds is being spent on improving the county’s mainly rural services, which was approved by its Cabinet today – taking the total funding to £3m.

    County Councillor Keith Iddon, cabinet member for highways and transport, said: “We will now speak to bus operators about how we could improve services in some areas where we think the best option is to enhance an existing commercial service to better serve communities.”

    Detailed timetables will now be developed, and all county council-supported bus services put out for competitive tender, with the revised services proposed to start from 10 December. “

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